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  • Roadkill



    Kick the car to kill the soldiers in Uprising

    During the mission "Uprising", after reaching the checkpoint with the ammo dump, you will notice you are on a destroyed section of the road that has formed a ledge with multiple enemies underneath. Find the car that is close to the edge off to the right, walk up to it and press .

  • Not sure how you'll do this without a nanosuit. :D
  • @1 Haha, this was my first thought!
  • Kick the car? Does he have a fucking nanosuit?
  • it was seen in the latest gameplay vid. (if that's it)
  • yeah that was it. The car is half hanging off a ledge. Shouldn't be hard as long as you don't run around and alert them.
  • Here is my Vid
  • Probably one of the easiest achievements i've seen
  • once you get outside you run around to the right and theres a car hanging half way off the ledge just go up to it and tap "B" a few times
  • i made a video on how to get this
  • nice vid.
  • what the hell does "kick the car" mean?!
  • @#11 It means, strangely enough, that you have to kick the car!
  • @12 Lmfao
  • @12 You said it all in perfect terms :)
  • easy just sneak to the right
  • lol nanosuit...
  • lol just go up to it and hit B a few times...
  • Some more easy gamer score
  • essentially after the first building you enter, there will be a few enemy soldiers firing at a chopper, kill them and then run to the part where there are enemies below talking (they don't spot you until you either open fire or stand clearly on the edge)....walk around to the right and there will be a car on the edge directly above them which you can button mash B ... this will kick the car onto them and bingo 20g ...reminds me of the doughnut achievement in crysis 2
  • It's to the FAR right after the three guys you kill who were shooting at the helicopter. There is a little area in between those guys and the next set of guys with an ammo crate. Once I got there I was able to spot the car to the far right. I crawled there, but I don't know if that was needed. Just wanted to be sure.
  • @ #10 thx for the vid.was a big help!
  • @1 & @3- wow- that was my exact thought when reading this achievement list..... X-D
  • My vid with commentary very good:
  • to Eeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Well i never, just came across this one by accident.
  • Missed this the first time through; accidentally fragged the two guys worth a grenade before I even saw the car! Easy as pie once you know where the car is located.
  • Good video i missed it the first time through and had to go back and get it after i finished the game
  • Most of these achievements are pretty easy, whats up with that?

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