Scrap Metal Achievement

  • Scrap Metal



    Destroy 6 enemy tanks before reaching the fort in Thunder Run

    At the start of the mission "Thunder Run", there are a total of 8 enemy tanks you will encounter before reaching the fort. Destroy 6 of these yourself to unlock the achievement.

  • Booyah!
  • Pretty easy too do! Got it on the first ''try''
  • I made a video on how to get this
  • This is a breeze and you can restart from checkpoint if needed. You'll only miss this one if you take to long to take out the tanks and one of the AI hits them instead but you have plenty of time provided you can get the rounds on target.
  • Piss easy!
  • accidentally got this?
  • Simple as pie.
  • i didnt get this because i am used to tanks in MP, where the rounds actually drop over a distance. why in the hell would they make the SP tanks shoot rounds that can travel 8 miles straight as an arrow?? I couldnt hit shit haha
  • Yeah definitely easy. At the start of the mission, just look to the right, about 6 or 7 serve themselves right up for you. Got it on my first try. It almost makes up for the difficulty with the other action achievements, like the wingman one. Almost!
  • Here is a good vid for this achievement
  • like #9 says keep moving abit if your on hard
  • i did it on hard first try easy achievement.
  • If you haven't gotten the pop-up by the time you take out the two tanks after you switch to thermal, restart the checkpoint.
  • Yip, very simple on your 1st go.

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