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    Take down 2 enemies with 1 bullet in Night Shift

    During the mission "Night Shift", you will come across a section where you cover fellow marines to cross the street from the rooftops. Your partner will point out to you two enemies standing in alignment to your position, so take out your sniper rifle, line them up and shoot to unlock.

  • I've done this online in the beta so should be a piece of cake in SP.
  • Not if your playing on hard
  • my Vid,
  • When you first go down on the street you'll come up on a group of 3 guys and your buddy will tell you to ignore them. 2 of them are lined up for you already, so just shoot them then reload checkpoint.
  • When you are sniping there are 2 guys standing side each. Aim at the head and "BANG" on shot 2 kills..
  • This is the second achievement that, for some reason, does not pop on hard difficulty. I wish that for once a video game would come out when it's ready, with no glitches.
  • Here is an easy way to get this
  • Haha I totally fluked this one. First shot when inside, as I take out the first one, another one walks in behind him. One of those achievements you get by accident.
  • Super easy, lots of different opportunities to get this to pop if you don't take out the first crew once you get on the street. That's still the easiest way though.
  • I got this one on hard, there's 2 enemies at one point lined up perfectly - boom, headshots.
  • Pretty much at the start of the level. Two guys, one bullet, headshots all around! Easy 15g.
  • Easy Achievement! Followed the instructions on here but found an easier way without having to reload last checkpoint. Carry on untill you climb the ladder and on the roof tops straight down the street. Easy :)
  • Remember, when you shoot the two PLR soldiers on the side walk, that is not the only place you can get it,but most definitely the easiest. You can still do this ANYWHERE in the level, since it says just shoot two people with one bullet, not in any particular area in the level.
  • easy achievement.. was playing on hard.. right after you get Al Bashir.. go ahead and get ready for enemies to come.. Enemies came two at a time.. I just shot once I saw them Boom Achievement... Pretty easy achievement..
  • easy 15g even on hard, didn't realise it was an achievement till it popped xD
  • i got this on hard on my first attempt as i am sure loads of others did too, so quite an easy one this one
  • I got the first 3 guys on the street all with one bullet.
  • This is almost impossable NOT to get by just playing through the mission lol
  • easy enough
  • I got this with one of the claymores I set.
  • This is a really easy achievement with a sniper :)
  • Agree with comment #19 you can get this achievement with just normal play-through, I actually made several shots where I got two kills with one bullet by accident :)
  • Wow. Super easy cheevo! Thanks to post #4
  • u can also get this later on the first 2 troops when u are looking down from the roof
  • #1
  • i agree with number #4 i did the exact same then reload checkpoint, so much easier, even on hard
  • After you leave the first rooftop you need to stay hidden from patrols. You turn off a road into an alleyway but on the road remains a group of 3 soldiers. Two of them are already lined up and not moving, it's a point blanc shot with the scope. Kill them and then you'll need to start at the previous checkpoint.
  • Super easy game in all areas so far.

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