FlashForward Achievement

  • FlashForward



    Completed Semper Fidelis

    Story related achievement, cannot be missed. See "Semper Fidelis" for more information.

  • This one is easy, I'm playing on Hard so I am not sure what the difficulty has to be but it popped for me after I got to the end of the subway train in the first mission.
  • I have done this on easy, normal, and hard and it wont pop up... no idea what I am doing wrong.. I have not been killed either. Anyone else have this issue?
  • i was playing on hard and died once and still got the achievement. maybe there is a glitch. i did get an update before started playing though.
  • Got playimg on hard with out doing something special.
  • Always Faithful
  • you can die on it and still get the achiement,just complete it and start next mission p.s there are a few bugs so it could take a couple of tries
  • I just shot everyone until I got to the end of the lvl & it pop'd up for me.
  • I am so confused. I don't even own this game I just played the beta. And I have this and another achievement haha How???

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