Between a rock and a hard place Achievement

  • Between a rock and a hard place



    Beat Solomon, flawlessly, in The Great Destroyer

    At the end of the mission "The Great Destroyer", you will get into a quicktime event with Solomon after flipping his car. You must simply hit all the button commands as they pop up (and not miss any), and this achievement will unlock at the end of the fight.

  • I don't know if this counts both the fight on the subway and in Times Square, but I messed up the LB (the first button) on the subway, restarted the checkpoint, did the subway one flawlessly, and I did the Times Square fight flawlessly as well. If you mess up on the Times Square one you might have to restart the level since you have to do that for almost all the level-specific Achievements in this game if you mess up.
  • It only counts the the times square fight.
  • I screwed up twice in the times square scene, restarted the checkpoint and got the achievement, easy enough.
  • Stupid QuickTime crap.
  • I didn't die once and didn't have to restart anything but I didn't get it
  • got this first try no problem
  • I can anyone wants to know, the sequence is >> A, B, RT, B, AAAAA
  • In case*
  • The melee fights are the weakest part of the entire game. Many times i was left scratching my head regarding what i was supposed to do, and then as to how i had completed it. On an unrelated note, this game is a roach motel of bugs! Obviously they rushed it out to beat CoD:MW3, and it shows.
  • i have did this now 3time and still no joy i won both fights first time did not die and still not get it
  • ok sorry boys got it. did not use my gun in the car on way to last fight and won the fight and it pop up see if that help any off u
  • All you have to do is hit the right buttons relatively quickly. This only matters in times square and not in the subway. I personally loved all the melee scenes
  • for a run through. Spoilers though to the end of the story if you are watching this ahead of time!
  • Just hit the buttons that pop up on the screen, easy.
  • This one was very easy, and I can second #7 on the button sequence
  • This achievement glitched for me, but in a good way! I screwed up, hit the wrong button, and died TWICE during the Time Square fight, and I still got the achievement. I didn't reload the checkpoint or anything.
  • Super easy to get without problem.
  • got it on the first try just have to get every thing right the first time
  • While chasing in the car, feel free to shoot away with your limited amount of bullets, it doesn't effect the outcome. When you get out the car and Solomon shoots your comrade, that's when it starts and you can't miss a button, if you happen to miss a button, just reload last check point. Hope this helps.
  • how are people complaining about QT events being hard? Are you playing with your TV off then I agree?
  • If it wasnt for this game having a GOOD hate it...
  • Easy Achievement. I messed up on the subway but did the final melee sequence properly and got the achievement. Ps. @ChrizCrozzz the storyline is crap. It's a jumbled piece of #@$% with zero effort. The game is solely for the gunfire. No effort in the storyline, at all. Have you never played a game with a good storyline? With real characters and interactions?
  • I can confirm that you can die before the fight (I died on the train) and still get it. Just don't mess up the button combinations during the fight with Solomon.

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