Push On Achievement

  • Push On



    Reach the garage without going into man-down state in Hit and Run


    Obviously just play on easy mode and don't get downed, you can take your time to achieve this and communicate with your partner!

  • Do this on easy difficulty. There is one door that it seems player 1 has to take and you will be attacked everytime you open it and be downed no matter what you try. What you need to do to prevent this is place a "Claymore" in front of the door before you open it. The rest should be easy and is up to you.
  • is this a co-op map or what
  • add me up if u still need to do this :) and bring a headset!
  • I need help with these co-op achievements add me if you would like some help GT : xX674 SNIPERXx thanx.
  • I'm willing to do this too! Gamertag is FatalityBoyZahy, send me a message first.
  • I have done this twice on easy and normal and achievement still not unlocked? I never got man downed onced. Is there something i'm doing wrong??
  • @6 This happened to me also. I wasn't downed but my teammate was, so I assumed that was the problem. I played it with someone more competent and neither of us were downed. Got the achievement that time around.
  • @ Did this on hard without placing any claymores by any doors. If you take your time with this, it isn't very hard. Slow and steady wins this race.
  • @7 thanks for that tip, will try again if I can find someone more competent!
  • I feel slow and steady doesn't win races all the time, I played this on both easy and normal and the achievement didn't pop. My partner went down does that matter?
  • @10 Make sure you read #7 comment, I am sure you will be able to understand it from his experience.
  • I have tried this many times, with random people, and it never works. Non of my friends have this game, And my mic is very screwy, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. However I have seen videos on how to do it, I still need someone else who knows how. If you want, just send me a request or something, chaoslordmatt is my gamertag. P.S. if we play & my mic isn't working (I know, I need a new one, but I'm broke a.t.m.) I can still hear you through my speakers. It's just a timing thing, hard to find a random who will shoot at the same time lol.
  • Does it still unlock if only one of the players are downed, or do you both have to make it without being downed ?
  • I'm searching for people to do the co-op campaign. Message me on x360a or Xbox LIVE if you are interested. (If you send a friend invite, you must add a voice message or send a PM explaining that you are from x360a)
  • Everyone please note that @14 is an idiot. Do not join him. Looking for a serious player.
  • I hate how the enemys can stab you if your super close. Fuck.
  • Its pretty easy when the soldiers are just shooting at you, the tough part is when they actually run across the room to do the most dramatic stab ever!!!!! Oh, how me and my friend failed because of these guys.
  • im looking for someone to help me get the co-op achievements. everyone i get matched with online is a fucking idiot. i have a mic. friend request me and ill invite you
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  • need a team mate to do all the coop achievements with. I am a decent player and am looking for someone else that is good at bf3.
  • looking for someone to get the coop achievements with msg me at (XX HEH8TEME XX) ill add you
  • I've done this twice but all the people I play with are always downed the fuckin gaylords
  • Please add me hrs same as user name
  • Looking for someone to do this achievement and most of the other co-op mission achievements. Add me "Huwscor2".
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  • looking for help with this achievement ninja and the sniper mission message me and add me if ull help GT King Xepher 258
  • I need help with this add me gt: sqeu
  • If anyone can help me get this please message me on my account, UndergroundBoi7. I always get downed at the door that is bugged, so if anyone knows how to get around it, I seem someone mention a claymore that does the job right. I also need most of co-op achievements so if you can help with some please do.
  • Where is this at?
  • I need this. I have a microphone. GT: "Gideon 954"
  • someone willing to do this on easy with me? GT: DooDoo Br0wn22
  • Looking for a Partner to do this, message me "Push On" with request. Mic Helps GT: Dr Jaynare
  • Add Drag55, for this and other Co-op missions :o
  • I need a partner for this. GT: SupremeSlayer31
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  • I need some help with this achievement. If anyone is interested in doing with this me message me on here.
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  • gt: The L0ne Camper
  • gt: jak72

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