Lock 'n' Load Achievement

  • Lock 'n' Load



    Unlock all unique co-op weapons


    To see the available unique co-op weapons, in the menus go to My Soldier -> Stats & Progression (Co-op). Playing co-op missions will earn you points, which in turn go to unlocking new unique weapons to use in multiplayer. Here is a list of all the weapons and the points needed:

    Weapon - Kit - Type - Points
    MP412 Rex - All - Sidearm - 63,000 pts
    KH2002 - Assault - Primary - 126,000 pts
    MP7 - All - Primary - 189,000 pts
    M39 EMR - Recon - Primary - 252,000 pts
    93R - All - Sidearm - 315,000 pts
    SG553 - Engineer - Primary - 378,000 pts
    G3A3 - Assault - Primary - 441,000 pts

    There are 'glitches' so to speak to gain more XP points while playing co-op missions. Here's the most common one. Honestly though, this will come naturally, if going for bullseye (and failing) you will accumulate those points. Once I finished that achievement I was only 50k or so from the final weapon unlock. You can average about 10k per level played.

  • What is this? Anyone have any ideas?
  • According to EA's Battlelog, there are 5 unique co-op weapons. MP7 (189k co-op score) M39 EMR (252k co-op score) M9-3R (315k co-op score) SG553 (378k co-op score) G3A3 (441k co-op score) I am pretty sure that the co-op score is stackable, which means; if you do the first mission "Fire From The Sky" and get 10k on it, then do it again with a score of 12k, you should have a cumulative score of 22k. I am not sure if this is exactly how you get it... but it seems like the most logical way. If anyone could confirm that would be great.
  • As @2 said,its exactly like that.You can do the easiest mission over and over and over again just to unlock all guns.
  • @2 you appear to be missing two. According to my game menu, the full list should be: MP412 REX (63k co-op score) KH2002 (126k co-op score) MP7 (189k co-op score) M39 EMR (252k co-op score) M9-3R (315k co-op score) SG553 (378k co-op score) G3A3 (441k co-op score)
  • Sorry, didn't even realize that... I remember unlocking them both. I looked at this on Battlelog, and it told me what my upcoming weapons were. I forgot I unlocked these two when I went through on hard. So like @4 stated, there are actually seven weapons. Thank you for correcting my mistake :)
  • Just confirmed that you don't even have to finish the levels... Me and my partner are going for the "Bullseye" achievement, and have to keep replaying the level because of stupid crap... and I have already gotten two unlocks.
  • Do they unlock automatically?
  • @7 Yes. Once you get enough points the gun will pop up in the top left corner of your screen.
  • Me and my friend found a nice, quick way to boost up points. Got the achievement, unlocked all guns, in no time at all. When you've unlocked the last co-op mission (The Eleventh Hour) just replay it over and over again. You can do it on Easy, the score isn't gonna change. We did it a few times, and soon enough we got so good at it we knew the map from start to finish and completed it in under 6 minutes each run. Every time we did it we got 12-13k Co-op score. That's not bad for just under 6 minutes :D Hope this helps!
  • g3a3 :D EXTASY
  • I really enjoy Hit & Run so just have fun playing that over and over to rack up points.
  • My favorite is the Fire from the Sky, IF you can get someone who can fly, or if you get to pilot, it gets you a nice score, just do this mission a few times & boom. Even better oon hard.
  • Oh and there are 7 unlocks, totally worth it too, the guns are awesome, I'm a huge REX fan from the previous games, so it was nice seeing it in here
  • Love the guns
  • I'm searching for people to do the co-op campaign. Message me on x360a or Xbox LIVE if you are interested. (If you send a friend invite, you must add a voice message or send a PM explaining that you are from x360a)
  • This is the last co op achievement I need. Need someone who has unlocked the last mission. There is a point glitch on the last mission. Send me a message to go for this achievement. GT: LazyBarbarian
  • only need this achievement and Bullseye (the pain in the ass one),message me if you want to attempt GT: FiNNY x
  • They just lowered the total needed with the update today, so this got a lot easier.
  • They lowered the amount of points required so I automatically unlocked the last weapon I needed when I downloaded the update, but I didn't get the achievement.
  • Ok, I figured it out. If you unlocked the final weapon due to the update reducing the points you needed and you didn't get the achievement, all you have to do is start a co-op game and the achievement will pop.
  • I just randomly got this achievement when I started up a co op game, lol
  • I hate bf3 achievements
  • Ahhh, since the update the points needed to get this achievement was reduced, so as soon as I selected to start a co-op game, I got the achievement as I now have the required amount of points :)
  • Can't you just buy the Co-Op Weapons Shortcut to unlock this?
  • no buying the shortcut doesn't unlock this achievement, you still need to get the required points in co-op to unlock the achievement
  • I like the KH002 the most.
  • Looking for someone to do the co - op achievements with. I'm trying to also go for the objective based achievements. If you could help that would be great. Send me a message on xbox letting me know that you are for Battlefield please :) GT: Combat Doll
  • Need this achievement. Send me a message if you want to help out. Would also like the other co-op achievements. Gamertag: fetusfromspace
  • gt: jak72

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