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    Complete the mission without losing a humvee in Operation Exodus


    In the co-op mission "Operation Exodus", you get a line of Hummers to help you defend each of the lines (North/West/East). Just complete the mission without any of these Hummers getting destroyed to get this.

  • add me up if u still need to do this :) and bring a headset!
  • I did this with a friend, yet we got no achievement. We made sure that all of them were alive, none of the humvees were destroyed.
  • Im having the same problem.
  • doesnt work, done this like 5 times now lol..
  • Make sure throughout the game you keeping to make sure that the original 5 humvees are still there. I noticed if any are destroyed humvees will appear from the start point to replaced the blown up ones.
  • Wow , me and a friend just done this and no achievement unlocked!!!
  • Figured out why some people think this achievement is glitched: The humvees can respawn. So, if you lose one (or more) at the first part, they will eventually respawn and there will be 5 at the end of the mission. Just make sure that you still have 5 humvees when you move up to the second part (through the archways).
  • They'll say whenever a humvee blows up. Mine always blow up at the second tank attack.
  • Could use some help with this one, tried it with a friend and we can't seem to get it done correctly - everytime the last tank appears, we have problems with getting it locked with the Javelin, and it takes out a humvee .. Please message me if interested, all I want from you is coordination, a headset and decent english xD
  • I need this achievement as well. Friend me if you want to do it: UltraBlumkin07
  • If you hear "vehicle down" you've lost a humvee. I kept hearing this as we blew up a tank so I thought it was referring to the tank and then noticed on one occasion a humvee was missing. I think aswell that if you stand by the ammo dump when the second tank comes round it will concentrate it's fire on you instead of the humvees.
  • i don't know if this achievement is glitched or not but took me and a friend 3 attempts, the second tank was a pain. -----------Spoiler Below----------- ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- -Shoot all the men (we done it from the overpass) -Once the first tank appears both of you will have to be quick and take it down with Javelins (on easy it takes three missiles to blow up). -As soon as the first one is gone go down to the ammo dump and grab the mines (go to the ammo dump after you grab the mines as you will get 3 of them. Try and place all the mines outside the alley to the left of the overpass (from directly outside moving towards the Humvee's). hit it with two Javelins when it first appears and the min
  • mines should take it down when it gets to the end of the entrance. -Now you will move to the next stage, this first part is not so bad, just watch the roof of the building directly in front and the balcony high on the building next to it (right side). a couple of RPG guys come there and i have lost one or two from those guys. -The last tank is a little tricky, yous are going to have to be really quick and hit it with Javelins. Just make sure there is nothing blocking the path of the missiles or they won't hit and you WILL lose at least one Humvee. And that is basically that, it will probably take you a few attempts just to get your timing right to switch to Javelins, ohh and yes the Humvee's do re-spawn. Good luck
  • looking to do this, add me: xLgibeliniLx
  • this has to be glitched. i kept looking for humves the whole time and none of them exploded and even when they explode guy on a radio says that vehicle is down.
  • #9 second take is the easiest. i usually put mines where it spawns and it runs into it right away.
  • lol nvm i just realized i already have this achievement and it isnt glitched. lolol.
  • Easy achievement. Here is a good vid
  • im looking for someone to help me get the co-op achievements. everyone i get matched with online is a fucking idiot. i have a mic. friend request me and ill invite you
  • Just make sure you kill all the tanks and RPGs quickly and you should be fine
  • Luking to do this my names Hawkeye305
  • Wen they say contact west side put a load of mines there and the people cum they'll blow up then repeat for the tank then rpg him. My mate did this with me I put filled all the west side up with mines and explosives whilst he shot everybody else when the tank came it didn't take long to destroy it. When it cums also stand by the ammo crate and it will aim it's fire at u and not at the humvees. Make sure u have pleant of ammo on mines and rpg and make sure ur friend does too. The 3rd ones the hardest one though because u only have 3 mines unless u went back for more but by then a Humber will probably of already been destroyed. I did it by luck mostly I put 3 random mines down we both shot it with RPGs I was down the tank was between both of us and we didn't have any RPGs or mines but luckil
  • There's also a sniper there to help u get the motherfuckin rpg shooters!! Ps- follow this guide and ur garuntead to get it Hope this helps ;)
  • It landed on a mine for me and it blew up
  • Im looking for a decent player to do this with, as everyone who joins doesn't have a headset or is decent on the game lol. GT: M0nsterSkillz (0 is a zero)
  • Hit me up if anyone wants to do this. GT: M0nsterSkillz
  • I need help for this one my gt is sqeu
  • I will help anyone that needs this! I also need most of the mission specific achievements like "Bullseye, In the nick of time, Car Lover, and Ninjas" GT: A Flood 117 I have a headset/mic. So just send a message saying something like "X360 BF3 Missions".
  • Set up a bunch of AT Mines on the west flank where the tank appears, Javelin the first one, same with the east perimeter, set up mines as soon as you get there, also get the sniper rifle! EASY
  • Hey add me for this and othe achievements Ysuran gunman
  • i've tried this 3 times now and I seem to always only have 4 left at the end.
  • Looking for a coop partner to do this and other various achievements. Add me please if u have a Mic and some skill. Thespiralmatrix.
  • Looking for a co-op partner to get these done. FR me and lets do this!
  • So, there's something fishy with this achievement. I've done the mission like, 14 times. 4 of those times, no humvee exploded.
  • Looking for help on this one! GT: ArRoW11
  • im trying this as well GT: Salvador117
  • Looking for someone to do the co - op achievements with. I'm trying to also go for the objective based achievements. If you could help that would be great. Send me a message on xbox letting me know that you are for Battlefield please :) GT: Combat Doll
  • I need some help with this achievement. If anyone is down message me on live. Gamertag is the same as my username. GT: Portense
  • I need help with this. Add me Newshark6 thanks
  • gt: The L0ne Camper

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