In the nick of time Achievement

  • In the nick of time



    Disarm the bomb in under 20 seconds in The Eleventh Hour


    In the co-op mission "The Eleventh Hour", one of your first objectives will be to disarm a bomb on one of the train carts in the subway station. When you approach the area the bomb is in, it will be armed and a 60 second timer will start. Disarm the bomb in under 20 seconds, as in if you start at :57 seconds, finish disarming it before :37 seconds. (There was confusion on this where some thought it was defusing the bomb with under 20 seconds left on the timer, that is not the case.)

  • Im going to Bruce Willis the hell outta that bomb!
  • add me up if u still need to do this :) and bring a headset!
  • Add my GT: A MysteriousHen. Doing all Co-op online achievements! Send me a FR and put a message in with what cheevo you want to do. Need serious players for some of the more difficult ones please no fannys.
  • Easy. So easy, I even memorized the code to disarm it. lol.
  • @4 If you memorized don't you think telling others in the same comment who have yet to encounter this the disarm would make sense...
  • I do believe that it's A, LB, RB, RT, RS, B, A, LB, RB, RS. I think. lol. Aint done it in a week.
  • does only the person disarming get it or both as its co-op
  • @ #7: My buddy and I just got it. I disarmed, he was bleeding out on the ground. Teamwork!
  • You both definitely get the cheevo for the disarm. Also you don't have to rush in and get shot up. It takes less then ten seconds to disarm it, so kill everyone first, then qte at your convenience.
  • Hay guys im lookin 4 someone who is willing to get this achievement with me, sick of getting noobs that fuck it up all the time, if ur interested hit me up online :) GAMERTAG - Gothmule
  • I need help with this and other co-op missions. Please add me. My gamertag is my username.
  • Need help add me my gamertag is same as username
  • Need a partner with a MIC who speaks ENGLISH for: Bullseye, In the Nick of Time and Drop em Like Liquid(Hard) + The Eleventh Hour(Hard) I have a mic, you can hear me well and I speak proper english. GT: Hartassen, send voice msg or write "bf3 coop" when you add me.
  • I need a partner for this. GT: SupremeSlayer31
  • Looking for someone to do the co - op achievements with. I'm trying to also go for the objective based achievements. If you could help that would be great. Send me a message on xbox letting me know that you are for Battlefield please :) GT: Combat Doll
  • Just be quick and you'll get it soon.
  • gt: jak72

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