Untouchable Achievement

  • Untouchable



    Complete the mission without using the fire extinguisher in Fire From The Sky


    In the co-op mission "Fire from the Sky", you and your partner will pilot/gun a helicopter. The pilot has the option to hit  when the helo gets significantly damaged to use a 'fire extinguisher' to put out the fire to damage. Complete the mission without having to use it to unlock.

    Play on easy mode, and keep circle strafing BMP's and take out AA guns ASAP when they appear as they will do the most damage.

  • this level is impossible I can fly a heli on multiplayer but not this why????
  • I know. This level sucks.
  • I don't think I will ever finish co-op because of this level. I can't fly the heli and neither can anyone I join with.
  • why is it so hard to fly this damn chopper and not the others
  • i can just about fly that thing
  • add me up if u still need to do this :) and bring a headset!
  • I agree, my friends and I tried to fly the heli but it was just too hard to even control it. This level will be entirely impossible to finish...I haven't gone pass this level yet.
  • I taught myself how to fly helicopters using this level. The funny thing is I couldn't remember how to use the fire extinguisher so that is how I got this achievement :P
  • Anyone here able to fly the heli well enough to get throught the chapter?
  • i made it on hard today several times... add me if i can help you with this one (only (only with headset)
  • How are you supposed to get passed the AA guns without using extinguisher? :[ i always get my engines disabled
  • If anyone needs a hand getting this fire me a FR. I got it on my second try last night. First time I accidently flew out of the combat area.
  • i h8 this level
  • Who needs a pilot? :)
  • Okay, so here's my experience on the best way to get through this mission with out using the fire extinguisher. The first time through this with my buddy(on EASY with me as pilot) I couldn't shake the AA fire while keeping him in good position to lock on with his guided missles. We did make it through the mission but I had to pop the extinguisher. (continued)....
  • The next time we played(trying to get more co-op XP) we played on HARD difficulty with me still as pilot. This time, during the ground warfare and the BMP battle I hovered at around 150 m, back just enough for him to spot and fire(him using night vision pretty much the whole time). When the AA came out I climbed to around 270 m. This was the key. Even in a hover, the AA wasn't hitting me and he could target and destroy them. For the pilot - DO NOT try to get rocket kills, just hover at approximately the altitudes that I mentioned and talk with your gunned to position him in a good firing position.
  • *gunner* If anyone needs a pilot who's been through this and has a headset to help walk you through it, send a friend request stating so and I'll help out if I can.
  • I have been doin this quest as pilot for a while and I think I don't have issues with flying at all. Add my gamertag (Understocked) and I have headsets to communicate through. I am in Australia, Adelaide, so some distant connection might suffer
  • send me a message and if i'm on i'll probably help. ( i have beat this mission about 10 times). i'm a great pilot.
  • easy way to do this is sit back behind your guys in a hover and let your gunner get all the kills.
  • I went on this last night on public co-op, didnt use the fire extinguisher and DIDNT complete the level and the achievement popped, may be glitched
  • did this on hard not realising it was a cheevo. its pretty easy if you can fly choppers...just be light on the controls and hover around 200m or so and its yours without an issue
  • I ! I i have beatin this one several times as a pilot with ease on easy-hard. if anyone needs help on this one send me a friend request and a message. if your my gunner always keep pressing the back button every 5 seconds to light people up to spot them faster. GAMERTAG: ericnb
  • I have done this numerous times and know exactly what to do. Have come really close to finishing. Add me if you have a mic and want to get it. gt: iixcommanderxii
  • I wish I could give some great advice for this, but I was lucky enough to get paired with a random pilot who turned out to be the best I've ever seen. I'm not sure if I even killed anybody the entire mission. He helped me unlock two achievements at once =P
  • if anybody needs HELP msg me i got this achievement and am a good pilot (XX HEH8TEME XX) is my gamertag
  • Hay guys im lookin 4 someone who is willing to get this achievement with me, sick of getting noobs that fuck it up all the time, if ur interested hit me up online :) GAMERTAG - Gothmule WARNING!!!!! - IF IM FLYING THE HELICOPTER WE WILL FAIL, I SUCK AT USING EM LOL
  • I can fly the chopper so if you need help just let me know and i will help you just add me or sent me a text my game tag is fmcrea19
  • Got lucky and I was partnered with a great pilot. The difficulty on this achievement depends on the skill of the pilot. My tip is that the pilot should only focus on flying and staying away from the dangerous bmps and mobile aa rather than attacking.
  • man this achievement is easy. i did it first go on hard
  • Any good pilots out there? I suck at this one, friend request me, I speak english!
  • i need this achievement. GT - Dem0n88
  • i need this 1 and 2 other 1s so if u could help me that would be great. all u have to do is know how to get it, have a mic, and dont rage if we dont get it on our 1st try my gamertag is FLAMINGDOG2000 P.S. u may need to be the pilot cause since i dont fly them 2 much in mulityplayer but i am improving a lot
  • Really need help with this. I am a decent pilot gt=thanagar
  • Do co-op is so much easier with someone else but i didn't even finish this level because we crashed the heli but hey i still got the achievement
  • Any Australian players interested in going for this one weekend? I'm not a great pilot but I think I can do this on easy with a few attempts. I'm mostly just looking for practice flying without screwing things up for my team in multiplayer. Really hope BF4 has a Flight School training mode. gt: TenaciousDogMan
  • I Still Need Help With This , Add Me :-) GT: stebeer85
  • GT: EPRGAMER520 Yeah I hate this mission mostly because I can't fly a copter for my life and whenever it's my teammate flying it we usually just crash minutes in so yea if any good pilot doesn't mind helping me get this one over with on hard I'd appreciate it thanks.

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