Infantry Efficiency Achievement

  • Infantry Efficiency



    Obtain all 4 weapon efficiency ribbons

    See "Decorated" for more information.

  • There are 8 types of weapon efficiencies but u only need to do 4 of them one on each type of class
  • umm i cant really see what i have to do for this achievement and im kanda new to battlefield so can some one tell me and i cant check cause ea sucks
  • oh and my gamercard wont show on this website can some 1 tell me how to fix that
  • Assault Rifle Ribbon Light Machine Gun Ribbon Carbine Ribbon Sniper Rifle Ribbon Those are what you need to get to unlock this achievement
  • LordQaz is correct. The way you get a weapon ribbon is to get 7 kills in one game with the appropriate weapon.
  • I don't know how to get this achievement. Has anybody gotten it? If anybody wants to add me feel free GT : xX674 SNIPERXx.
  • @6 Get seven kills in one game with an assault class weapon, an engineer class weapon, a support weapon, and a recon weapon. They can be done in separate games(Do one game for each weapon class). PDW do not count towards this achievement.
  • Ah, now I get it.. Thanks guys!
  • How can you get 7 kills as a sniper??? I get 10 with assualt no probs, 20 with LMG, 8 with carbine, but 3 as a sniper!
  • @9 try taking the scope off your sniper if your no good at long distance sniping.. I'm good at sniping, but got the ribbon because the starter snipers suck major balls..
  • Easiest sniper map I think is Operation Metro. First stage just sit on Defense on the upper rock by B M-Com. (just to the left of the rock so people can't see you until they reach past the area of no return.) Tunnel area Just lay down and plug people coming down the tunnel. Can usually get a lot there. 3rd M-Com area just lay down on the far right turnstile area plug enemies running up the escalators running towards B M-com locker room. (try not to use a long scope it will help you in the smaller areas inside)
  • p.s. if you are not good with sniper then use a 7X scope or less. Otherwise the flash of light from your scope will give your enemies easy kills.
  • This site has short descriptions and tips for each of the Ribbons: Not perfect, but much better than anything this guide offers at the moment.
  • Battlefield 3 Montage Dual Juggernaut
  • meh battlefield is hard
  • If anyone wants to get this achievement add my GT: M0nsterSkillz (the 0 is a zero)
  • This question is maybe stupid, but do I exactly need 7 kills in one Game, or can I can get everything above 7 kills.
  • Ive gotten 7 kills with all 4 classes, I've aslo checked my awards and I've unlocked all the 4 weapon ribbons,? but I still havent unlocked it, am i just unlucky or is it bugged? PLEASE HELP ME!!!
  • Same here #18. I have all the ribbons for light machine gun, assault rifle, carbine and sniper, but no achievement.
  • At #19: You're forgetting shotgun efficiency, try that I bet it'll pop for you once you get that.
  • I didn't even know I had this one till I looked through em haha

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