It's better than nothing! Achievement

  • It's better than nothing!



    Finish as 3rd MVP in a ranked match

    See "Most Valuable Player" for more information.

  • So if i'm first it won't count...Thats cool
  • I actually like this achievement because I laughed so hard when I was playing the beta and found out you were rewarded for being the 3rd MVP.
  • Well hopefully it stacks but I doubt it.
  • This absolutely outrageous, how am I suppose to get this achievement considering I always come first? This is going to be hard. ;)
  • mhmm
  • This is kind of the same as the medal system in bf2, this will come naturally to msot people.
  • You'll probably get this after you've played for a while. (considering you're not a terrible player :D)
  • It was my first achievement I got. It took 15 minutes into the game.
  • This achievement made me laugh when i got it
  • i get to first.. its near the end of the match so i sit and do nothing til im 3rd.... 2 secs left.. im still 3rd... someone gets a kill in the last 2nd and makes me 4th -_-
  • Got first and 2nd this ones hard cuz I never come 3rd
  • I came 3rd on team deathmatch and it didn't unlock does it matter which mode u do it in
  • Battlefield 3 Montage Dual Juggernaut
  • I find it odd that I got this achievement after coming 4th in the game.
  • i keep getting 4th. I'll have more kills but less points than the 3rd place everytime
  • lol...i just got it last night, i didn't expect it i forgot about the Achievement. i'm gonna try and unlock the other two MVP Achievements.
  • GOOD LORD..... Finally got this peace of shit cheevo. why is it that everybody suxs at this game and can never keep up. i literally had to keep suiciding just for the guy in fourth to pass me up HORRIBLE COMMUNITY!
  • I got a good laugh when this popped lol! =P

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