Support Efficiency Achievement

  • Support Efficiency



    Obtain all 4 support efficiency ribbons

    See "Decorated" for more information.

  • kinda like bad company 2 where you had to get 10 assists, refills etc?
  • @1 Yes it is. Does anyone know how to get the motion sensor asists?? I have tried with the t-ugs and never got a ribbon..
  • Same with me. I seriously got close to 20 spot assists with the t-ugs. Is there another motion sensor we are supposed to use? I know for sure I got close to 9 with just one so it can't mean just one. My achievement should have popped. Not sure what else to do.
  • So I found out you need the UAV motion sensor. 45,000 exp to unlock. Strange why the other ones would be so easy and this one take so long. Something to look forward to I suppose. Some super sniping in store for me :-)
  • Can some list all the steps? Please
  • It´s called MAV!
  • Spotting with the MAV is extremely easy. You should be able to get 5 motion sensor assists in one round.
  • @5 yea I agree I don't understand how to get this achievement can someone help in give specific steps please.
  • 1. Support efficiency ribbon: Get 7 resupplies in one game(Simple give out ammo to those who need it by using the support class). 2. Repair efficiency ribbon: Get 7 repairs on vehicles in one game(a teammate must be in the vehicle to get the repair points. Use engineer class w/repair tool) 3. Medical efficiency ribbon: Get 5 revives in one game (Defibrillator is in the assault class, revive dead teammates). 4. Surveillance efficiency ribbon: Get 5 motion sensor assists in one game (Unlock the MAV by earning 45k XP in the recon class. The MAV is like a Portable UAV drone. Fly it up to a decent height, look at your enemies and press the select button. This should spot almost every enemy. Make sure to keep them spotted until your teammates kill them.)
  • Each ribbon can be obtained in separate games.
  • Very easy to get once you obtain the MAV.
  • Can you use the MAV to get to air warfear ribbon?
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  • i know people say use the MAW, its a lot easier. but is it impossible with the T-UGS? cause im a lousy sniper, and 45k exp is a lot sniping :D
  • It is possible with the T-UGS. But you would need to place them in proper areas. Most people don't know where to place the devices. Would need to find a frequently traveled area and one that your team can cover easily. MAV isn't too difficult to unlock. You can just use the PP-2000 or UMP-45 in the RECON class and still get unlock points for that class. Also, do a lot of CQ and you get points for flag captures and such. As long as you are using the RECON class then everything you do in that class helps to garnish points and level you up. You could ultimately max out Recon and have never used the Sniper Rifles. (Don't forget to lay down the radio close to objectives so your team can spawn on it and give you more points!)
  • can see this taking me a while
  • If you're not really a fan of sticking with the sniper class only 'til 45000 xp to unlock the MAV, like me, you can try the trick I stumbled across. I ran out of ammo on a map, in the enemy base with no support dudes around. There was a sniper kit beside me, so I picked it up, checked out ther guy's loadout (left and right on the d-pad) and turns out he had the mav.I wasn't lucky enuff to get the spots b4 the match ended, but the same sniper ended up on my squad in the next round, and I just picked up his kit when he got toasted, and this time did get the 5 spots and the achievement. What I don't understand is why, with the other classes, you get the support equipment necessary for the achievement relatively soon, but with snipers, you have to hang around 'til 45g xp. What about people th
  • the steps would of been better if put into the guide, as fobbing us off with some OGN shite just doesn't answer the question does it! what is actually needed for each ribbon should of been described better, some people should not be allowed to do guides!
  • I keep seeing people posting that they will have to get alot of exp with the sniper rifle and that just isn't the case. The recon class is actually a good class to use the shotgun with. Just play on conquest/rush modes and go for or defend the objectives for extra points. Remember, the gun doesn't matter. It's the class you have to level up.
  • Just a heads up, the recent update fixed the TUGS, so it counts for the ribbon like it should now.
  • Yeah, this is easy since the update. Just put a TUGS down where you know there's usually a large firefight like next to m-comms/flags etc. Think it took me about 2 mins into the round to get that ribbon.
  • This site has short descriptions and tips for each of the Ribbons: Not perfect, but much better than anything this guide offers at the moment.
  • Seriously cant get the repairs one..
  • Just to add to 21, a great spot to plant the TUGS is in the first stage of the Metro map if you're on defense in Rush. Behind the objective on the right (as you face the enemy side), just to the left of the bridge, right behind the wall. Pretty much guaranteed to be a lot of enemy foot traffic there, and the wall should keep it protected. I think I had to replace it once or twice, but I got the ribbon (and achievement) with plenty of time to spare before we had to fall back.
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  • Yeah i have to agree with #24, and by proxy, #21... i got this this using the T-UGS as well. I just kept planting them in any game of rush i played, right next to the MCOM. I figured either it would work or it wouldn't, it was costing me nothing. After a few games, it did. So forget the advice to level Recon to get the MAV, this worked for me, and others, and it will for you too.
  • I just managed to get this last night using the T-UGS. I haven't even unlocked the MAV yet, so it is definitely possible with the T-UGS.
  • Just managed to get this achievement before unlocking T-UGS, is that possible?
  • i can't get it!!don't know what to do!!!
  • Rumor has it you need the MAV to get the surveillance one. This is NOT TRUE. You CAN get it with the T-UGS easily (especially in TDM). Noshar Canals in the middle with the T-UGS or in Seine Crossing by one of the spawn points where the one hallway goes into an empty outdoor room and into another tunnel to the street. Have fun. :)
  • take the ncom. And plant a ta-ug motion sensor. And repeat. Done it for me !
  • If anyone needs help with the repair eff. ribbon, friend request me, I need it too, people dont stay in the tank long enough, and its hardly ever a guy from my squad
  • The repair efficiency ribbon is much easier to take when repairing choppers. Hop into a transport hellicopter and forget the guns, pull out your repair tool and repair that thing everytime it gets hit during flight.
  • Having a Hell of a time trying to get the repair ribbons. Primarily because tanks drive away or get strafed before I get a chance to complete a repair. Also, NO ONE flys the transport choppers long enough for a repair. Most folks just ditch 'em after a couple mins. I would really appreciate a little help to boost this one.
  • Still tryin' to get mP chievs, so msg me & We kan help eachother out. GT: JB2tha6thPower (there is an "a" in tha, not an "e")
  • An easy way to solo the repair efficiency ribbon is to join a populated server on the caspian border map. Spawn at homebase as an engineer with a SMAW launcher, and then find a jeep/buggy (with mounted turret). Drive somewhere safe with no teammates or enemies. Shoot the jeep with a rocket doing about 50%-75% damage. Then hop into the passenger seat, equip the repair tool, and repair the jeep back to 100% health. Exit vehicle and repeat with another rocket until you get the ribbon. Since you're sitting in the vehicle during repairs, it counts towards the ribbon and you don't need a partner.

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