1st Loser Achievement

  • 1st Loser



    Finish as 2nd MVP in a ranked match

    See "Most Valuable Player" for more information.

  • 2nd will do fine thanks ta very much
  • Received this a few times in the beta and the amount of time i'll be putting into the full game it should'nt be hard getting this
  • This one is actually kind of hard to get
  • does anyone know if its 2nd MPV of your team or of both teams?
  • its both teams, i lost one time (i was MVP in my team, but 4th out of everyone) then my team lost again but i was MVP of everyone.. now i gotta get 2nd and 3rd -_-
  • Get a squad of people that are actually good at the game and sit on top of the scoreboard every game. Then just coordinate your kills and caps as need be while trying to retain good teamwork. Took me a while to get it because My squad always jostles for the top 4 positions in the game haha. I only ever got MVP or 3rd place.
  • got 1st and 3rd grr cant seem to get 2nd :/
  • love the name of this mission
  • this is proving a pain to get lol, i have mvp and 3rd mvp. makes the last few mins of games fun tho ha!
  • Battlefield 3 Montage Dual Juggernaut http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUJydrP8P_E
  • This is a bitch I keep getting 1st or 3rd.
  • I've gotten second place multiple times, but this achievement hasn't unlocked. Is there a specific mode that this has be done in? Does it unlock in Team Deathmatch or does it have to be Rush or Conquest?
  • Ive got the same problem as #11!!! Can this cheevo be done in any of the squad game types? as there are less player, surely i might be easier to to MVP, 2 MVP and 3 MVP. this is an amazing game!!! Just wish i was better at it!! but as they say practise makes perfect... blah blah
  • Same issue, I came in 2nd over all ony my team for CQ and it didn't pop, wtf?! Please tell me this game doesn't have iffy chivos like UFC3 does...
  • Okay so after my vigours Google search this is the answer I came up with, which is better than being left to assume the game as glitched online achievements. So my finding are as follow: "The achievement really isn't that hard to obtain and will most likely come naturally. You must come in 2nd place overall in a ranked match. (Which means, the 2nd highest scoring player of both teams combined)." Hopefully this will help some of you that are having the same issue I am. Happy gaming everyone! P.S: This game f'n rocks!!!!!!!!! ^_^
  • Got the MVP and 3rd MVP, still working on this one. ;)
  • Got it! =)
  • I was 2nd nvp but i dindn't get the achievement. Do you have to win the match?
  • @16 + 17 We don't care
  • @19 Lol

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