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    Obtain your first enemy Dog Tag

    To obtain a Dog Tag, you have to kill an enemy via knifing by using the  within melee range. You have to be either behind or coming from the side of the enemy for the animation to take place. This should come naturally through normal gameplay. If having trouble, try flanking enemies (especially snipers) and stab them on the ground.

  • I couldn't get close to anyone to knife them in the Beta, I would keep getting sprayed down before I could get close, and of course someone that isn't looking at me, decides to turn around RIGHT when I get behind the bastard, then he kills me... just my luck. Took me forever to do this one in Bad Co 1.
  • Today when I was playing the beta, I got 3 knife kills in a row on the last section of Operation Metro when I saw a few guys camping at a window. Gotta love it :D
  • 20 seems a bit much for a single knife kill.
  • Easy achievement
  • I hate the new knife system.ill boost this one with a friend.
  • Sooo easy!
  • Going round snipers or campers was pretty easy on the beta.
  • #5 Really? Boosting for one knife?
  • I did this as my first kill in the beta. And i really like the new system, it's more realistic than in COD when the knife spawns in your hand
  • Lol @5 Boosting for one knife kill. Loser.
  • It's not the easiest thing to do but it's satisfying.
  • boost a knife lol
  • This will be my first achievement.
  • @5 I agree that the new knifing system is annoying, but it's not so hard that you need to resort to boosting.
  • wow tiny whining bitches
  • im not big on the knifing system either but i plan to have my way with people as often as i can
  • I can't see why you would boost this one. It's fairly easy to go around a sniper and knife 'em if you have the patience or just some ignorant dude who happened to not see you.
  • in BFBC2 i became a knife only player just a 2 weeks ago,i went from 200Dts - 1800Dts very quickly.but in this game i think i save this achievment for a friend (not boosting!) idea is you appear offline and join his game and consistanly knife him it gets very funny after awhile,in BFBC2 i did this to my friend badger look my stats up and you'll see how many times i got him !
  • you need to get 5 knife kills in a single math to get a ribbon anyway stick to the shadows got that ribbon day one by flanking
  • seems pretty easy my metod would be on rush when they take out both the bomb sites and move up, stay back and try and get one from behind :) easy 20G
  • How do you switch to a knife on xbox, been trying to figure that out. Anyone help?
  • @DaredMaverick30 im pretty sure its RB
  • its RB, got this one last night.. had to chase the guy down haha
  • @#21 It is RB but these things could just be figured out by mashing all the buttons and also there's and in-game manual too.
  • I love the new knife system. Veeeeeeeeery satisfying.
  • @#5 as they say on espn "come on man" really boosting one knife kill you kidding right. i can tell by the "deer in the headlights" look on your face you are serious about this.
  • @#24 Yes I did that but I did not know you have to get behind the enemy to get this achievement, been swiping the enemy face-on.
  • this is real easy i got 12 in a matter of two hours. no need to boost #5!
  • just got 9 in one round of CQ very easy to do.
  • the very first MP game i was in i was lucky enough to get my VERY first kill with my knife
  • Knifed
  • quite a fan of the knifing system, didn't take too long to get this!!!
  • I'm quite confused. All I have to do is knife an enemy to get this achievement.. or is there a certain amount of people to knife in one game? I don't have this one yet and it's upsetting. I know damn well I've knifed people.
  • this achiev is very glitchy because i knifed someone and the achiev didnt pop so then i knife someone and it poped. maybe its because you have to kill the person your knifing because the first time i knife someone it was weird because he didnt die. you can only get this achievement if you play online multiplayer. the best maps for this achiev are operation metro,rush and operation firestorm, and grand bazaar on rush,conquest,team deathmatch,and rush deathmatch.
  • i almost have 100 kills with the knife
  • you can get it on campaign too
  • Battlefield 3 Montage Dual Juggernaut http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUJydrP8P_E
  • It took me about 2 hours to get this achievement. I finally found a guy on the ground. I came up behind him and stabbed that f*cker in the neck. And for this achievement you do need to stab, it has to do the animation. You can kill people by scratching them with your knife, it will just take a few times, you just wont get the achievement.
  • is this in multiplayer, campaign or both?
  • This is super easy. There should be a 2nd achievement with the knife by knifing a DICE employee and getting the DICE dogtags. I got them. :) http://i49.tinypic.com/a4vbrs.png Battlelog: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/soldier/phreakpulsar/dogtags/344355786/xbox/ So you can see proof that is isn't photoshopped.
  • I Agree with #40 as not very hard acheve!
  • How do I get this achievement and dose anyone wonna help me do the co op achievements I am quite new to Xbox so any advice would be grate thanx
  • Kick you in the face, than stab you in the neck...BAM! ;)
  • Kick you in the face, than stab you in the neck...BAM! ;)
  • Bend in from of them, peek a boo, stab and grab

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