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    Get a kill with each of the following vehicles: the BTR-90, DPV and F-35.

    It doesn't have to be in the same game, and the kills accumulate over multiple matches. The DPV looks like a dune buggy.. not to be confused with the VDV Buggy. So make sure you jump in the right vehicle. The BTR-90 is a Russian built troop carrier tank looking vehicle. It can be found on Conquest (on the Russian side) on the Gulf of Oman for sure. Now the F-35 is the jet that has the capability to hover and is an American built plane. I've found them on Wake Island and Gulf of Oman for sure. (Must be on American team)

  • does it have to be in one game?
  • can sumone please post the location of the BTR-90 map game mode etc. thanx
  • @2 here it is:
  • It can be in diffetent games.. It took me ages to eventually get into a Gulf of Oman Conquest game as RU and get into a BTR!
  • I got a roadkill with the DPV and it should have popped but didn't so I think it has to be done with the weapons on the vehicles.
  • @5 there are two types of DPV. Make sure it's the DPV and not the DPV buggy
  • @4 uuuhhhh server browsing O.o? dumbass
  • @7, be nice.
  • SPAM the Oman map to get the BTR. It is located in the RU base next to the AA (note the game map that has 4 flag captures) And it will aslo spawn in the construction area if the RU has the flag there. If you are on the US side then go to tht flag and wait for the RU to capture and steal their BTR.
  • For the F35 I simply had to land the vehicle and use it like an emplaced weapon spamming shots at infantry. Using the right stick to rotate the aircraft around in circles strafing at everyone.
  • Yeah I'm a fairly decent jet pilot and I cannot for the life of me get a kill with this retched plane..
  • Here's a tip for you would-be top-gunners: switch the stick controls to legend; makes flying the damned thing sooooo much easier. Although, if you're just getting the hang of it, switching will put you back at square one for a short time. But you will make it up fast. And tip #2: expect to suck for a long while, unless you're a natural, until you unlock flares and then heat-seekers.
  • By the by: the control switch also works really well on helicopters too.
  • Battlefield 3 Montage Dual Juggernaut
  • which map has f35?
  • Really struggling to get in the btr-90.
  • @16 it's in the RU deployment area on gulf of oman conquest
  • @15 its on wake island, US spawn on the aircraft carrier, i think it only spawns in conquest not 100% sure though, hope this helps
  • BTR-90 is a bitch to get into cause its on so few maps but apart from that its not too bad. @9 thnx for the tip tip
  • i have a hard enough time taking off in a normal jet(not because i cant do it but because some high rank on the other team who might aswell be a real pilot spawn destroys my teams vehicles) once in the air getting a kill is a 1 out of 50 chance of maybe getting lucky and finding something to kill but in multiple hours i think im up to 6 kills maybe in the good jets and a massive 0 for the F35 its incredible to me anyone uses this
  • nice n glitched cheevo i got kills in all vehicals n no cheevo
  • I have a question: can player get this by play private match??? if answer is yes. I wanna help you, and i hope you can help me out too my GT: ADHDmania
  • F35 is impossible for me. Need help. GT = AHGreg
  • do you need to have the DLC for this achievement and the Complete Warrior achievement?
  • Can anyone help me boost this?
  • @24 yes you need the DLC because its those maps that have the vehicles you need, the F35 is on wake island and gulf of oman, the DPV is the little buggy and the BTR is the russian LPV. I don't think you need to have the complete warrior cheevo first to get this one. i'll let you know when i get my first F35 kill.
  • Gulf of Oman will have the F-35, BTR-90 and DPV. This is all but too easy, a couple rounds of conquest and you should have it.
  • I need help with getting a kill with that horrid F-35 jet. If someone will help me here, I would love to return the favor and let you kill me:) GT: LXLachillesLXL
  • Do you have to roadkill someone with the dpv or can you use the machinegun?
  • I need help with this one, someone jump into an empty server with me and give me a hand! :) - ill help you get your one as well. Also need help with a few others if anyone is keen, hit me up - Apache117X
  • Cant fly worth crap if anyone is willing to help. Gt Brandonj30
  • The F-35 is the unholiest piece of garbage I've ever flown. I cannot get a fucking kill with the F-35 if it could earn me the biggest pay check or stop World War III. Every time I use it, I either crash the damn bird, get absolutely molested by stinger missiles all the time, or waste too much time flying around and just watching the whole game like a spectator. I went through an entire 1400 ticket conquest round and could not get ONE single kill with it despite all my attempts at using it. Battlefield 3 is awesome but the F-35 has got to be the unholiest piece of garbage I've ever used. Even most weapons I've used in team deathmatch including the assault, engineer, support, and recon classes are all superior in every respect to the F-35. The gun damage range is just horrendous and even t
  • Anyone wanna help me with this and complete warrior message my gt: Alex Da Lion
  • an easy way to get a kill with the f-35 is killing snipers on top of the buildings near the cranes. got a kill in like 10 min.
  • anybody want to help boosting this one - just need the f35 kill - Gamertag DrZoidberg360 - thanks
  • Need all DLC achievements, please add: vG dArK Night96. Even weeks after this post I will probably still need them.
  • Looking to boost this achievement! GT: JoeDeThomas
  • Looking for a partner to do this with. GT: Vlad l0
  • Looking for players to get all dlc achievements with?? I'm willing to help with whatever you need?? I will rent a server anytime need 3 people willing to smash this out with message me GT : ( You Get Owned x )
  • Looking for a group to do all the dlc achievements with as it turns out nobody plays on the dlc servers anymore. Gamertag - Chrupdiddy

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