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  • Gunslinger



    Get 10 kills with each of the ten Back to Karkand weapons

    You don't have these weapons at the start of the DLC. These are all weapons you must unlock by completing assignments! Here is a link of said assignments: Assignments

    You must complete the Tier 1 assignments to unlock the 2nd tier assignments for each class.

    Assault Tier 1: FAMAS – “Best Friend Forever

    • 10 Revives 
    • 10 Heals 

    Play as the Assault class with med-packs equipped. Revive 10 teammates and get 10 heals and you receive the FAMAS which is an excellent assault rifle.

    Assault Tier 2: L85A2 – “Professional Russian”

    • 100 Assault rifle kills 
    • 20 Grenade launcher kills 
    • Win 5 Squad Deathmatch rounds 

    Bust out that newly acquired Famas and kill 100 with it, use the M320 grenade launcher attachment (unlocked at 11000xp in Assault) and get 20 kills with that. Then play some Squad Deathmatch and get 5 wins.

    Engineer Tier 1: G53 – “Fixing it”

    • 10 Repairs 
    • 1 Kill with the repair tool 

    Play as Engineer class and keep that repair tool handy! Get 10 repairs on team vehicles and get 1 kill.. preferably sneak up behind someone and burn them to death!

    Engineer Tier 2: QBZ-95B – “It goes Boom!”

    • 50 Kills with AT rocket 
    • 1 Enemy vehicle destroyed using the repair tool 
    • Win 5 Conquest rounds 

    Play as Engineer, use the SMAW (US) or the RPG (RU) and kill folks. Blowing up a tank with 2 people in it with a Rocket will count toward your total. Destroying a vehicle with the repair tool can be kinda tricky, but you can destroy anything! What I mean is, an enemy spawn beacon, a MAV or a T-UGS will all count. I personally got mine by destroying an LAV at an enemy spawn point with no one in it. Then be on the winning team for 5 rounds of Conquest.

    Support Tier 1: QBB-95 – “Let it rain”

    • 20 Kills with Light Machine Guns 
    • 2 Mortar kills 

    Get 20 kills with any LMG in any match. Now for the mortal kills, I personally did not have the mortal unlocked. But I came across a poor fellow in a not so safe area with his mortar deployed; I killed him and took his kit and got my mortar kills that way.

    Support Tier 2: MG36 – “Keep your head down”

    • 100 Kills with Light MG 
    • 50 Suppression Assists 
    • 50 Ammo Resupply Assists 

    Get lots of kills with that new QBB that you just got while getting some suppression assists here and there. Keep throwing down ammo boxes for teammates and snipers hanging back and you'll have that done in no time.

    Recon Tier 1: QBU-88 – “Specops”

    • 20 Kills with sniper 
    • 6 Laser designations 

    You have to use a sniper rifle for this assignment.. can't use a PDW weapon this time. Get 20 kills any way you can. Now for the laser designations you must use the SOFLAM (unlocked at 26000 recon score) and lock on to vehicles in the area. Once you lock onto a vehicle and have solid tone.. that counts as a designation.

    Recon Tier 2: L96 – “Creeping Death”

    • 50 Headshots 
    • 50 Spot Assists 
    • 5 Knife kills 

    The beauty of this assignment is that it can be done with any class. So any headshot and any spot assist (by pressing Select while targeting an enemy or vehicle) will count. Same goes for knife kills!

    Any class Tier 1: PP-19 – “Familiar Territory”

    • ARM 10 MCOM stations 
    • 10 Flag captures 
    • 2 Hours played on Strike at Karkand 

    Play some Rush and you just have to arm the M-Com, it doesn't have to explode! So if you arm one, an enemy defuses it and you arm it again.. that counts as two. Play some conquest and cap those flags! Play specifically on the map "Strike at Karkand" for two hours.

    Any class Tier 2: MK3A1 – “Scarred Veteran”

    • 10 Kills with the PP-19 
    • 6 Kills with the DPV Jeep 
    • 10 Kills with the BTR-90 APC 
    • 2 Hours played on Sharqi Peninsula 
    • 2 Hours played on Gulf of Oman 

    Once you unlock the PP-19 (which is a pretty good gun) get 10 kills with it. Make sure you are in the DPV (not the VDV Buggy) and run down some enemies in it. I personally just ran loops on the streets of Gulf of Oman and ran people down. The BTR-90 is generally only found on the Russian team of Gulf of Oman on Conquest only (not Conquest Assault). Then play 2 hours each on the specific maps.

  • This is by far the longest and most underestimated achievement from the DLC...
  • @1 - Really? I doubt it. Especially for those of us that suck at the flying aspect of the game. This might be a bit of a grind, but it seems easy enough to me.
  • It's easy, yes, just very time consuming. Unlocking each of the weapons will take a fair amount of time.
  • i unlocked 6 0f the 10 so far with 3 of them with one step away just dont fail too much u should be ok
  • for some reason mines not popping.. got all 10 weapons got over 10 kills with them all.. so im not sure what i did wrong lol
  • Same thing with me blryface the achievement isn't unlocking, I even went on battle log and it shows I have 10 or more kills with each of the 10 BTK weapons
  • so turns out its glitched and you need to get 10 kills with all the weapons then get 10 kills in one game with the famas. mine just popped :)
  • The only reason this will take a while is because of the time requirement for each map. But if you play one of the maps, back out, play it, back out, then it shouldnt take more than 6-7 hours
  • Thanks a lot for that tip!!!! I just got 10 kills with the famas in one game and it unlocked.
  • Can't get laser designations because nobody uses any laser guided weapons. Anyone willing to help me out? I'll help in return.
  • @10 You don't need them to shoot at it, just lock onto it with SOFLAM and you get your 10 points/laser designation.
  • @10 or even sit in citv station, lock on, look away, and lock on again... 5 times
  • Yup glitched here - didn't unlock - But isn't it due tot he fact that you need 10 kills AFTER they are ALL unlocked?
  • I'm not quite sure i understand the system regarding unlocking each weapon. How does it work? Ie. i play a round as sniper but the score doesn't count towards the new sniper weapon, but the shotgun.. Any explaination would be much appreciated :)
  • Go to: My Soldier; Assignments and it tells you what u need for each weapon. Sorry, thought that was a bit obvious.
  • Thanks for the reply. :)
  • Confirmed - After getting 10 kills with every weapon, it didn't unlock, then got 10 kills with the FAMAS in 1 game, and it unlocked in game, after my 10th kill
  • i can also confirm @7 thanx for the tip
  • I just did the 10 kills with the FAMAS in a game and still nothing.
  • Another confirmation here for getting 10 kills with all weapons, then 10 in one game with the FAMAS.
  • I myself just did the 10 kills with FAMAS in a single round to help fix the glitch. Had to go Squad DM to find enough people to kill though.
  • Same again that's correct, once you have 10 kills with each weapon you then have to get 10 kills with the FAMAS in one game
  • same here i got 10 kills with all 10 weapons and no cheevo then i did as #7 said and got 10 kills in one round with the FAMAS and the cheevo popped up. you don,t have to wait and unlock all the weapons before you start getting the kills. i would get 10 kills with which every gun i just unlocked to make it easier for me to remember whichs one i already did, the only gun i used after all were unlocked was the FAMAS to get the 10 kills in one round to finish up. add me as a friend if you need help GT: GA Pitbull71380
  • how do we know which weapons are the DLC ones?
  • @24 at your page it tells you what gun you get for each assignment you complete.
  • Can I just play TDM and get the 10 kills
  • must the 10 kills per B2K weapons be done in ONE round? Or just the FAMAS as last gun?
  • here's a little help with the "it goes boom" assignement: destroy 1 enemy vehicle with repair tool. find an enemy recon respawn point equipment ( sorry but I can't remember the right name) and destroy it with the repair tool. it doesn't move and It pretty this method is pretty easier than running towards an enemy tank! I don't know if anybody has report this before. I hope it helps!
  • @ Timolo: Thanks for the great tip! I already was wondering how i was going to destroy a tank without them jumping out. But after reading your tip i used the repair tool on a enemy mortar and i got it! Thx again!
  • I'm having the same trouble as a lot of u here. I have over 10 kills with all weapons from btk and no chives meant wtf!
  • @Timolo, I love you.
  • what are the weapons?
  • @ Calvinatorr and @ Grande I'm glad to hear that my tip was useful! thanx guys! ;-)
  • Only the ten kills with the famas must be done in one round.
  • Confirmed unlock with 10 kills with Famas in one round, got it last night. It's a glitchy achievement, but at least it pops.
  • Correct me if I'm wrong here: isn't the famas the gun unlocked with the first assault assignment? Do you have to do the ten kills twice, then?
  • Just did this today. 10 kills with the FAMAS seems to unlock it, for WHATEVER reason, after you've already done 10 kills with everything already. Glad someone figured it out. I was going mental.
  • Battlefield 3 Montage Dual Juggernaut
  • I qill try that when i come back, right away with the Famas!!
  • does anyone know how to update the profile!!
  • I unlocked all the weapons awhile ago and acording to my file I have ten kills with each, but no achievement. I guess Ill try that famas thing
  • Does this HAVE to be on Squad Deathmatch? I tried it in Rush, but I still had no success.
  • I took the advice of others about the 10 FAMAS kills after you get everything and I can confirm it does work that way. I also had 10 or more kills with all the weapons but no achievement. Went back and played on Squad Deathmatch and got 10 kills in a match for the achievement. I would imagine you could get the 10 kills on any match type, but not for sure.
  • Another confirmation on the Remedy put forth by #7 in regards to the glitched achievement, "Gunslinger". Made 10 kills with each assignment weapon on both the Back to Karkand maps and the BF3 maps as I unlocked them. No achievement. Played one game of CQ on Metro and was awarded the "Gunslinger" Achievement on my tenth kill with the Famas. 01/07/2012
  • @ Timolo, thank you! Countless deaths so far in pursuit of that, now I jut need to hunt campers!!
  • same for me.achievement glitched.10 kills with every weapon and THEN another 10 with the famas
  • 10 kills with famas confirmed
  • Can anyone help me with sqdm. It's my last assignment for my last gun. I'll be on all day today and most of tuesday night.
  • @28, that might be the greatest tip ive ever seen on here...I actually did gte it by blowing up a tank though, it got hit with 2 rpgs then i sprinted for it, and ended up getting suicide as well, was so satisfying
  • i unlockd all 10 B2K weapons and got 10 kills with all and no achievements
  • @ 28 Great tip man! I destroyed some enemy T-UGS this way and got it!
  • This is qute easy, only hard bit is killing ten people with the btr-90 because its takes forever to get in the btr!!! Just time consuming pretty much...
  • @28 thanks a heap thats a great tip that would have saved me alot of time chasing disabled tanks just to be killed when i reach it :P
  • I will try the ten kills with famas later. It was a pain finding the BTR, but finally unlocked the jackhammer too. Really tired now so, again will try it 2moro. Thanks for the tip, I was very :/ when it didnt unlock
  • I too confirm that 10 Famas kills will unlock it
  • Yup, 10 famas after all 10killsx10 weapons is a confirmed unlock.
  • this is for all of u that cant get the "Gunslinger" achievement. When u have achieved 10 kills with all the Karkand weapons u will need to use the Famas & get 10 kills in a single round with it & your achievement will pop.
  • Dinno if i'm doing something wrong, i got all the B2K weapons, got over the 10 kills with each, and that "10 kills with Famas" thing not working for me.
  • I too confirm that 10 Famas kills will unlock it, and im so happy i unlocked all :D
  • Yep confirmed. 10 kills with the FAMAS and the achievo is yours. :)
  • Another confirmation that the 10 kills with the FAMAS will grant you this achievement. Thanks to #7 for the help on this one!
  • I too can confirm that 10 kills with the FAMAS in a single round gets the achievement. I was playing Conquest, so game type does not matter. Thank you for figuring out this glitched achievement, #7 and all! I knew x360a would have the answer.
  • one more confirmation of 10 famas kills in a round thank you achievement community
  • Another confirm of the 10 FAMAS kills
  • Another confirm of the 10 FAMAS kills
  • I need help i got ten kills with ever weapon from back to karkand weapons
  • Thanks @7, this had me puzzled for a while until I saw your post ;)
  • ok so i got the last one a few days ago, then i got another 10 kills with the FAMAS in ONE game today, still no cheevo, i don't understand please help!
  • Another unlock must first get ten kills with each weapon (verify you actually have ten kills with each weapon by checking your right bumper dogtags, all the new weapons will be at the bottom of the list, even if you havent unlocked the dogtag for each gun it will still show how many kills you have for them) then go back and get ten kills in one match with the famas. Playing squad deathmatch is probably the easiest way to get ten kills in one round. As soon as i got my tenth kill it popped up. But be sure you have ten kills with each weapon, i had only nine with the mk3a1 for the longest time and couldnt figure out why it wouldnt pop up until i checked my dog tags.
  • I just do it right now with 10 kills with the famas in one game ...
  • ^ We got a badass on our hands.
  • Finally! I thought the DPV was impossible but I read up on which vehicle it is... it's the little triangular jeep with the wheel strapped to the lefthand side. Just drove around and got 8 roadkills in one round!!
  • omnomnomnomnom
  • maybe a great tip how you can destroy a vehicle whit your repair tool for the last engineer weapon i crouched and move under an enemies antrac because its an enemies spawn point it is always marked as an enemies vehicle even if nobodt is in it
  • Thank you very much for the tip on getting 10 kills in one round with the Famas (blryface1569). I already had 47 with it before I read your fix, so this definitely seems to be a glitch (thankfully with a fix). Was able to get 10 kills in a round with the Famas, and pop goes the achievement. Thanks again. I hope someday that developers will do more thorough testing on their games and the achievements/trophies that go with them.... someday.
  • I will have to try the 10 kills with Famas in a round. I can only get around 7 or so even though I have over a 100 kills with it. Appreciate the tip.
  • another confirmation of 10 famas kills in a round
  • For me the achievement didn't register till after unlocked all the new guns and then got 10 kills with each gun
  • Yeah guys just letting you know get 10 kills in a round with the FAMAS and happy days.
  • 10 kills with the FAMAS worked for me
  • famas +10
  • aaah i was wondering what went wrong, i got extra kills with some b2k guns today and didn't pop. will try #7's suggestion. oh and timolo thats a cracking tip i never thought of that i had to boost it with a mate and was a pain when ppl joined his squad and killed me!
  • Yep, Famas +10 worked for me, thanks for the tip.
  • I would also like to confirm that getting ten kills with each weapon then 10 with the FAMAS in one round worked.
  • thanx comment number 7 it work for me today to
  • so technically its 20 kills with the famas an extra 10 after the first 10 kills with each weapon? damn glitchs!
  • 10 with the famas in a round and nothing
  • @87. By logging onto Battlelog you should be able to see exactly how many kills you already have with weapons. Remember, you must first unlock all the weapons and then get 10 kills with each first, then 10 kills inn one round with the famas. The same thing happened to me but after checking battlelog I found I only had 9 kills with the MG36.
  • This achievement IS glitched. Anyway. Get the 10 kills with all the guns as normal. Famas then L85A2 then QBZ-95, etc. Anyway. Once you get 10 kills with all the new guns, the achievement unlocked pop-up will not show up. You then need to do the Famas AGAIN (not last...but AGAIN) and kills 11-20 with the famas have to be in the same round. Have fun. :)
  • Confirmed post-patch #7
  • anyone wanna help me unlock this? ill help you as well add ysuran gunman
  • I can confirm this as well. I got each of the 10 weapons up to their second attachment unlock (mostly the laser sight) but still nothing. Read this, then played one more game and got 10+ kills with the FAMAS and the achievement popped up.
  • Is there anyone here that owns a server on Xbox? There is no way I can unlock last Assualt gun, L85A2. Everytime I join a SQDM I am put in worse team, like today I the game ended with our squad scoring 32, 24 kills were mine... I need to win 3 more games and I just have no luck. My squad never seem to try to win and my friends either don't have xbox, or don't play battlefield( but those that don't play often aren't good enough I seen them play). So is there anyone that can help me unlock the last weapon?
  • Which ten do I need to use? I'm guessing this is done through multiplayer?
  • so yeah to everyone, after you get all the ten kills, just get 10 or 11 in another game with the famas. youll get it
  • The killing part would be easy if the unlocking were not so tedious.
  • @93 I found a sqdm that had the kill limit set to 10. Just stuck with it till I got the 5 I needed.odds of you joining the winning team is slim. Need to be there to start.
  • You can also get mk3a1 kills on gun master
  • Anyone want to play squad death match with me XxWHxX 11
  • This is glitched. I have completed all assignments apart from scarred veteran. It shows I have only 3 kills in the BTR-90 IFV when in fact I probably have about 50. In my last game alone I ran over 3 or 4 people and shot about 6 with the BTR but still only shows as 3/10. Before anyone says yes I am in right place (construction, oman). Pretty crap EA, I can now not unlock the gun and achievement.
  • This achievement got glitchy for me. Pretty sure I had 10 kills with all of them. I then got a kill with the famas and boom, achievement lol.
  • FAMAS fix is NOT working for me. I have Service Star 1 with all the B2K weapons, but going back and getting 10+ kills with the FAMAS still hasn't unlocked this achievement for me... is there a specific game type or map I have to do it on? I've been playing Conquest Domination on the Close Quarters maps.
  • EDIT, sorry, I got it but it didn't pop on the screen for some reason...
  • I have more than 10 kills with all the weapons, yet it hasn't popped up for me. The FAMAS fix people are talking about didn't work for me either. Any fixes?
  • No longer glitched. Got it with 10 kills spread over 2 games.
  • I finally got it =). Didn't had to finish with my Famas. just make sure you got a least 10 kills with all karkand weapons. 'n make sure you use the L85A2 and not the L86A2 as is did at the begin.. Good luck.
  • Famas trick worked here too. I had over 10 kills with everything, went into a match, got one kill with the Famas and it popped
  • Im never going to get this cause everyone sucks at SQDM so i never win. I only need 2 wins to unlock the L85A2. Or if you just need the kills then i need to steal someones L85A2 and get 4 kills but no one uses it.
  • While I can't necessarily help with the L85A2 situation that was brought up lately, I did finish up my 10 kills with each Karkand weapon today, and as we all know I then had to go and get more FAMAS kills afterward, for the achievement to pop. Oddly enough, I only got three with the FAMAS in the round when it did pop for me. Anyway... I know that there are probably some of you out there that are having a lot of difficulty unlocking the MK3A1 Shotgun (final Karkand weapon). I still don't have it unlocked, but I have the achievement. Here's how: If you have the Close Quarters expansion, all you have to do is play a handful of games of Gun Master. The MK3A1 is the second shotgun that you use during GM games. If you can consistently get to it, and get your requisite 2 kills per gam
  • i cant win squad deathmatch
  • the worst part is getting ten kills in the btr-90 to unlock the shotgun, always on the wrong team.
  • I have been working to get this achievement for a while and just got my 10th kill playing Scavenger with the shotgun, which was the last weapon I needed 10 kills with. The achievement didn't unlock, so I came on here and read the FAMAS solution. I got 10+ kills two games in a row, and it still didn't unlock. So, dismayed, I switched games and unlocked a couple achievements in another game. I just went to look at my achievements through my Xbox hub and it shows this achievement as being unlocked. I don't know why it didn't pop in-game, but I'm happy it popped at all.
  • I was actually enjoying this achievement until I had to win the 5 SQM's. Can't seem to win even 5..
  • Weapons are: MP5 PP-19 L96A1 L85 FAMAS Type 88 Jackhammer MG36 Type 95 Type 97
  • Sorry, wrong list FAMAS L85A2 HK53 QBZ-95B QBB-95 MG36 QBU-88 L96A1 PP-19 MK3A1
  • Got this without the FAMAS trick. Just simply get 10 kills with every weapon.
  • if someone needs to boost btr 90 and dpv kills let me know, CrosshairSnipe
  • The last gun I need is the l85a2 and I just need the squad deathwatch wins, this sucks.
  • gt: xxjamewell send me "hi" and I will let u boost it off of me
  • looking to boost this. message me gt - Brokenlance3
  • Looking to boost the MK3A1. Please message me at GT: Matte9605
  • Looking to boost all mp achievements need one more person message me if interested FATCHICKPOUNDER doing it today at 12
  • Need just this one in back to karkland and all of the other dlc's. anyone looking to boost, message/add me. Gt: Fune Illusion. Make sure you have a mic
  • If anyone has trouble with the assignment challenge to win 5 squad deathmatches, I will be buying a private server to get that assignment done. So if you want to join, add me: FrozenxAngel x
  • Looking for a partner to do this with. GT: Vlad l0

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