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  • Jaws



    Take a swim in the Oman Hotel swimming pool

    Play the Gulf of Oman and you'll see a tall building; if coming from the American spawn point it's off in the distance to the right; if coming from the Russian side it's up the hill to the left. In front of the hotel is a pool... have a nice relaxing swim in the hot desert sun and try not to get shot in it.

  • Really like these kind of achievements :D
  • Sounds very relaxing... as jets fly over you and bullets fly past you... just nice and relaxing
  • Pool Party!
  • My only complaint is how boring the tiles are :/
  • should have been a secret one
  • Sounds like a good place to pick off campers waiting for the swimmers to exit the pool!
  • toss in a grenade and make them think that jaws is attacking and see how quick they can get out of the pool..lol
  • @4 HAHA on PS3 we get the nice ones :D
  • What game mode did you get this in? In Conquest the hotel is out of bounds.
  • is there only 1 pool?
  • it is on rush and i've seen two pools at the thrid set of m-com stations. very easy jump in swim to other side and jump out.
  • Got this on rush, COMPLETE accident :D!
  • u can get this in conquest but u will commit suicide as for rush its the last base for the defenders
  • i made a video on how to get this achievement https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9-KFYvfkK4
  • @9 conquest and rush you can get it in but not conquest assault
  • im in the pool now on conquest (by flag C) and nothing...
  • What map is it on? I just got the game like 2 days ago, limited edition :D
  • I got this in SQDM, pretty easy!
  • Battlefield 3 Montage Dual Juggernaut http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUJydrP8P_E
  • Finally got it, took me 3 games to get anywhere near this pool!
  • Thanks everyone for highlight this one ! :).. afterwards you can camp out sunning it up whilst you dry off picking off the nest guy after this achievement LOL...
  • How do you get this cause every time I try the cheevo does not pop?
  • Yeah nobody in this thread has been helpful with naming the map, location, route, or general tips about this at all. So, yeah... Thanks everyone -_-.
  • For those who need help: This achievement is on Gulf of Oman and is best done on Rush. If the attackers advance to the end, the defenders will begin to spawn around a very tall skyscraper building, which is usually covered with their snipers. The pool is behind the building in plain sight.
  • easy achievement found by accident
  • Super easy achievement for 20G. I love how people camp the pool where this achievement can be gotten on Rush so others won't get it. xD IT IS possible on Conquest but you need a helicopter or jet to get there. (Helicopter is easier). Land it by the edge of the pool, jump in, get the achievement, and hop back into the helicopter before the timer runs out.
  • Did anyone else notice that the pic for this achievement when you unlock it is totally not a shark fin?
  • Haven't done this yet I don't play rush often...
  • @9 and @28 You can do it in conquest aswell. Easy way to do it is be on the russian team spawn at the deployment and follow thw road that goes out to the city but dont go that way go left and you see a tall building all by its self (it will have sign saying hotel on it) go towards that building and go behind it and the pool will be there.
  • Just bought the premium version, can't wait to run across the map and jump into the water!
  • i tried this in real life and didn't get shit!
  • para-dropped in from a helicopter
  • Everyone here is such a fucking liar I did this in an empty lobby and got nothing!
  • I wish all achievements where this easy.

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