Dominator Achievement

  • Dominator



    Win a round in Conquest Domination

    This should come naturally as you will win a round at some point during your playtime. Just make sure you're playing 'Conquest Domination' and not just 'Conquest' or 'Conquest Assault'.

  • Ether this new game type is gonna be a hectic scramble or its gonna be your normal conquest
  • It's not a new game mode, it was in B2K
  • It's a new game mode, in B2K it's called Conquest Assault, not Domination
  • Yea I believe this game mode is just going to be an 8 v 8.
  • When is this DLC available?
  • 12th of June for xbox
  • Hey does anyone know how to fix a problem that my xbox is having because when i go to play Battlefield 3 itll let me go onto the game and i can play multiplayer but after a while when im playing a match itll come up on the screen saying disc is unreadable when it has no scratches at all. Also it might say this on the dashboard If someone could tell me how to fix it, it would much appreciated.
  • #7,,it sounds like your xbx lens is going m8..ring xbx up and ask if they can fix it for you or you have to buy a new 1..
  • Very fast pace action in this game mode.

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