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    Without dying, get a kill with a Carbine, Pistol and Rocket Launcher

    Or we can call it "Complete Warrior 2.0"; but this one is much easier to attain. Play as the Engineer class as they use Rockets and Carbines. This one is definitely not as difficult as it's predecessor; especially on the smaller maps where the fighting is pretty thick.

    The achievement is expansion specific, but it is not map specific, which is similar to Complete Warrior in the Karkand expansion. So destroying a tank, or any vehicle, with people in it with a rocket will count as a rocket kill. 

  • Compared to 'Complete Warrior', this will be simple. Raise your game DICE!
  • this will be easy
  • Agree with #1
  • Indeed, piss easy compared. Luckily ;D
  • I don't want to get my hopes up too soon but hopefully you guys are right.
  • All These weapons are on engineers kits, definately a piece of piss.
  • All online battlefield achievements are easy. I am sure many people who play engineer have done this many times.
  • I've done this so many times with the enigineer class, but i bet now that it's an achievement i will struggle.
  • This one reminds me of the one in Battlefield Bad Company 2
  • I agree with #9.
  • The Jet, Assault Rifle and Tank one was way better than this one... This is really simple.
  • Bad Comapany 2 too much?
  • great just another reason for noobs to start killing with rpgs *sigh*
  • Can you get this achievement now? Because it's on battlefield on the 360 achievement list but does it have to be in a Close Quarters map?
  • Getting an RPG kill in a close quarters map is gonna be hard because of its minimum range.
  • I got my complete warrior achievement (a back to karkand achievement) on an original map, so I imagine that this will be the same and can be done on any map. You just have to have bought the dlc for the achievement to unlock.
  • @1: Raise your game DICE? Because we all know how "fun" getting that Achievement was.
  • #15 Exactly you will be knifed or commit suicide accidently when trying to get it. So make sure you get the rpg kill last by getting a kill and suicide.
  • I'm guessing you'll have to do this on a close quarters map.
  • Did it 2x just now, and did not get the achievement, i think you have to do it in the CQ expansion
  • This won't pop if you didn't by the dlc. Not rocket science.
  • Well I did this last week a couple of times and it didnt unlock. Maybe it will start to unlock today(crossing my fingers)
  • @21 rocket launcher science
  • muito facil
  • hi all whats gun is the Carbine sorry if this sounds thick thanks for help
  • To unlock this achievement, use any Engineer only carbine (such as the Scar-H, M4A1, A-91), any choice of sidearm and either an RPG or SMAW (team dependent) ON A CLOSE QUARTERS MAP. I can't stress that last term enough. It's quite an easy achievement to get, provided you don't get swarmed every time you spawn.
  • @#20 same here. you must do it on close quarters
  • To the absolute contrary of what #20, #26, and #27 have just absolutely do NOT need to do this on a CQ map. I just got it on OP Metro. As for the rocket kill, just kill a sniper and find his radio beacon.
  • @23 that's funny as shit
  • I freaked out when I got this by accident, mostly due to how I got it. The opposition team were trying to kill me on Seine from D, and I'd ran back into spawn. I got the carbine kills on the first few running up the stairs, the pistol kill on the straggler, then RPGed the wall above the last two that ran in, bringing the building down on them. I couldn't believe it when it popped, I'd forgotten I even had to do it.
  • Very fun achievement if you love using the engineer class like myself. :)
  • Does it have to be in that exact order Carbine, Pistol and Rocket Launcher, because Im sure I've done this more than once now on CQ maps and hasnt popped.
  • once u have the close quarter pack it can be done on any maps ? and is there gun that wont work towards the achievement...i mean in the carabine and sidearms section ?
  • Kinda easy just don't have the maps yet.
  • just did this on my first attempt lol
  • got it without trying :D
  • I have a server but just for 24 hours to get this, pocket full of death and complete warrior I think it's called achievement. Looking for 2 people to join my friend to make the match go live ( 4 min to start) message me to my GT danqrl if you want in, I only have 24 hours from this post
  • challenge complete
  • I just did this twice with the Scar-H, MP433, and RPG-7V2 on the Ziba Tower map and the achievement didn't pop. Is it bugged?
  • For those that have managed to get this without playing a Close Quarters map, it will not unlock for me on non-Close Quarters maps. Not yet anyway.
  • I need people to do this and some other achievments with, add me : UkZombieKillers
  • I need help with a bunch of achievements including this. Can someone help me GT: RoYaLxScOpEs
  • I need help with a bunch of achievements including this. Can someone help me GT: RoYaLxScOpEs
  • Alright I don't understand this. Whenever I get to the RPG part, I cant get a kill with it. It only does about half health for me with a direct hit

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