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    Get 10 kills with all ten CQ weapons

    Similar to the Karkand achievement, you must get 10 kills with the new CQ weapons. They are not all available at the beginning, you must unlock them by completing assignments listed below. You must complete the first tier assignment to unlock the next assignment, anything you do for an assignment that isn't unlocked will not count toward its completion.

    First unlockables for each CQ weapon which unlock at 10 kills.

    • AUG - Acog
    • Scar L - Acog
    • ACW-R - Reflex
    • MTAR-21 - Reflex
    • L86A2 - Holographic
    • LSAT - M145 (3.4x)
    • M417 - Acog
    • JNG-90 - Ballistic
    • Spas-12 - Reflex
    • M5K - Reflex 


    1) 'Shepard' - 10 Squad Revives; 30 Assault Rifle Kills - Unlocks AUG A3
    Play as the assault class obviously and stick with your squad getting revives (must be squad members) and kill 30 with any Assault rifles.

    2) 'Set Us Up the Bomb' - 20 kills with Underslung Grenade Launcher; 15 kills with hand grenades - Unlocks SCAR-L
    Use the Underslung Grenade Launcher attachment (unlocks at 11,000 Assault Score) and kill 20 with it. As for the 15 grenade kills, this can be done as any class; just keep tossing those 'nades. Utilize the 'Frag' perk so you can carry extra grenades!


    1) 'No Shortage' - 20 squad resupplies; 20 kills with light machine guns - Unlocks L86A2
    Play as the Support class and drop ammo boxes for your squad (must be squad resupplies). Then kill 20 with any LMG's.

    2) 'Point Blank' - 10 kills with C4; 10 knife kills - Unlocks LSAT
    Kill 10 with C4 any way you can, even if you place it on a vehicle and kill whoever is inside, it will count as a C4 kill. As for 10 knife kills, again this can be acquired as any class, just keep sneaking and knifing.


    1) 'Done Fixing' - 20 AT Rocket kills; 30 kills with carbines - Unlocks ACW-R
    Play as the Engineer class and get 20 kills with Rockets and 30 kills with Carbines.

    2) 'My Own Terminator' - 1 kill with EOD bot; 100 kills with carbines - Unlocks MTAR-21
    Get a kill with the EOD bot which does have a torch attachment; this can be extremely frustrating for some. The EOD bot doesn't maneuver very well, you can't run people over with it and the torch has limited use. Either locate an unaware sniper or fry a buddy on the opposite team. Utilize that new ACW-R (or whichever carbine you prefer) and kill 100 with it.


    1) 'Team Player' - 10 T-UGS assists; Capture 20 flags - Unlocks M417
    As Recon throw down the T-UGS (unlocks at 5000 Recon score) in a populated area, generally near a flag or an M-Com. Play lots of Conquest and capture 20 flags. You can play any variation of Conquest and it will count toward this assignment; also flag capture assists will count as well.

    2) 'Bullet Point' - 50 kills with Sniper Rifles; win 3 rounds of Conquest Domination - Unlocks JNG-90
    Kill 50 however you can with your favorite sniper rifle. If you are not the best sniper, use the M417, the gun is a semi-automatic beast; even with iron sights. You'll knock out 50 kills in no time as it's very powerful. This can be done on any map, so not just close quarters maps. Be on the winning team of Conquest Domination 3 times.

    Any Class

    1) 'These Hurt Too' - 20 kills with Pistols; 20 kills with Shotguns - Unlocks SPAS-12 
    Get 20 kills with pistols, these will accrue with any class you play, most experienced players if their main weapon runs out of bullets while shooting at an enemy will switch to a pistol to finish them off. If you are having trouble with pistol kills, play 'Gun Master' as you start off with 3 pistols and have to get 2 kills each to advance to the next weapon. Grab any shotgun and get 20 kills with that. I personally will mix the shotgun with Recon to get the T-UGS out of the way.

    2) 'Hold the Trigger' - Finish top 5 in Gunmaster; 100 kills with Submachine guns - Unlocks M5K 
    Finish in the top 5 of the new gametype 'Gun Master' (see roadmap for description of this gametype). Get 100 kills with any submachine guns which would be any PDW weapon, which can be used with any class. I personally am using the PP-19 from the Karkand expansion.

  • Hopefully the assignments for these new weapons are slightly less time consuming than for the B2K weapons.
  • Be better if there were no assignments but i believe there will be and they will be hard. Because nothing else seems to be hard in this new DLC.
  • Pumped for Spas 12, ACR and The Bad News Sniper(dont know what its real name is, so i use its nickname)
  • For the time you have to put in I think 30G is shitty.... Still doin it though.
  • @4 I agree
  • I liked the inclusion of the assignments, but I'm still struggling to get the final one, involving winning 5 games of Sqd DM :( I've one so far...
  • 10 kills with 10 weapons? How is that time consuming? :o
  • #6 if u want any help in SQDM message me :) i will give u my gamertag and help u
  • @7: It's acquiring the guns that's time consuming.
  • Here are the Assignments: Aug 3: 10 Squad Revives, 30 AR Kills SCAR-L: 20 kills with Underslung Grenade Launcher, 15 Hand Grenade kills L68A2: 20 squad resupplies, 20 LMG kills LSAT: 10 C-4 kills, 10 knife kills ACW-R: 20 AT rocket kills, 30 carbine kills MTAR21: Get a kill with EOD bot, 100 carbine kills M417: 10 T-UGS assists, 20 Flag captures JNG-90: 50 kills with Sniper Rifles, Win 3 rounds of Conquest Domination SPAS 12: 20 pistol kills, 20 shotgun kills M5K: Finish top5 in Gun Master, 100 kills with Sub Machine Guns
  • The only ones I see any problems with are maybe 10 c-4 kills EOD bot kill - I didn't know you could get a kill w/ one 10 T-UGS assist Top 5 in Gun master. And really the c-4 and T-UGS ones can be done in rush or conquest. Maybe 100 carbine and 50 sniper might take time
  • @10-well i know im gonna fail my 3 tests trying to get these guns.
  • Are you kidding me these are all easy to acheive. just work on one or two at a time shouldn't take more that a few hours per assignment.
  • Achieve sorry from the last post. Only took a few days to finish the B2K ones, and after a few hours playing tonight i've finished two of the CQC ones already.
  • If you play Gun Master do the kills count? And can I also get kills that count with the CQ weapons on maps like Kharg Island and Caspian Border?
  • @15 I'm not sure about the gun master kills counting, but you should be able to work on these on the BF3, B2k, & CQC maps. The first set of assignments for B2K you could work on while playing BF3 maps so i don't see why these won't work also. Give me a little while and i will try it out and see if it will work.
  • I can confirm this is NOT like B2K! Which is GREAT! I hadn't completed 1 assignment, but had 12 kills with the weapon due to "gun master" - the achievement popped, when I got 10 kills with my final weapon, whilst still having an assignment incomplete :)! Great job from EA/Xbox on this front. So Gun master kills COUNT - hope this helps.
  • @17 TYVM! :D
  • This one was easy to get, the assignments were much easier than the b2k ones, I got all mine done in like 5 hours of straight playing. This achievement didnt appear to be bugged like the b2k one was with the famas lol.
  • @15, i can confirm they do count, done it like that on my game
  • bullshit...I have 10 kills with every weapon, I have all assignments completed and it hasn't unlocked.
  • @21 I have the same issue.
  • What the hell, got ten kills with all weapons, even got service stars on all, yet it says I only got seven kills for acw-r anyone else having problems with this?
  • I have more then 10 kills with all 10. Where is the achievement?
  • If achievement doesn't unlock, my advice is start over. Keep count until you get 10 kills for sure then switch to the next.
  • Anyone else having trouble getting a kill with the eod bot? I can't for the life of me get a kill with the dang thing!
  • Gun master counts I unlocked tons of stuff for each gun except I think the l85 for some reason. And I'm pretty sure that each gun gets an attachment at 10 kills so you will know when you got it.
  • Less time consuming than getting gold stars on all the main weapons for BFBC2: Vietnam I'd guess.
  • Yeah im struggeling with EOD bot as u cant seem to road kill people with it anymore, and i dont know if im retarded buti m not able to use the little torch on it to kill people? simply nothing happens when i press it. and also im not able to change camera in vehicles anymore? ;B
  • Ive unlocked all the weopons and gotten over 10 kills with all of them and i havnt unlocked the achivment yet, I even had this problem with the achivment from from B2K (which I ended up getting today after they wouldnt give it to me when the DlC first came out) Does any1 know how to fix this?
  • @29 Its the left button to kill them with it, roadkills dont count when using the EOD. And yeh you can still change camera angles but not if your playing a Hardcore game.
  • Grrr... I got 10 kills with each gun and unlocked them all. I got 1 attachment for each one! (You get attachment at 10 kills) And when it didn't unlock I checked battlelog and checked each ones stats for me and it says I have 10 kills with each!
  • Got this achievement today by just getting 10 kills with the last weapon. Must be some kinda glitch because I didn't even have all the weapons unlocked yet.
  • GunMaster has been helping me with this
  • I was surprised when I got it after 1 kill with the MTAR, on Kharg after I got the EOD bot kill. Then I remembered the few rounds of Gun Master must have given the other 9 kills.
  • I got this achievement, no problems. Glad this wasn't like the B2K one. I suggest playing GunMaster as this helped me a lot.
  • anyone need help with the eod kill hit me up.
  • Like @17 said play Gun Master. I suck with the EOD bot so i played Gun Master to get the needed kills with the MTAR-21 and the achievement popped. The only gun you need to unlock is the M5K, because its not in Gun Master.
  • Easy way to get eod bot is this - how to get an easy kill? You kill an easy player. In detail what map do you find the most noobs?...rush on Metro I've never used this robot and my god I got a double kill with this thing and another kill soon after before it was destroyed hope this helps
  • The EOD kill s frustrating as h#ll. I am gonna end up having to ask someone to let me kill them with it. =)
  • When I check the dog tags to see how many kills I have it only shows 3 for ACW-R even though I have a service star. I noticed it did go up when I played gun master though. It's the only one on the dog tag screen that shows I haven't got over 10 kills...
  • Try a linear map where the enemy is coming from one direction for the EOD bot kill. Ex. Damavand Peak or Operation Metro. Skirt the borders of the map to get behind the enemy position and come up on an unsuspecting enemy from behind.
  • i cant for the life of me get an underbarrel grenade launcher kill. im just missing all the time. any tips?
  • Haven't gotten it but Battlelog says I've gotten more than enough kills with all weapons. WTF is going on?
  • @44 i think you have to complete the assignments too thats what i did.
  • Do I need to get 10kills w/each CQ weapon? Or 10 kills w/all ten weapons meaning 1 kill per gun?
  • @ #46 . 10 kills with each weapon.. I some how got 2 kills with 1 EOD Bot xD .. my jaw dropped lol.
  • The assignments and the guns they are related to are: Assault Shepard: AUG A3 Set Us Up The Bomb: SCAR-L Engineer Done Fixing: ACW-R My Own Terminator: MTAR-21 Support No Shortage: L86A2 Point Blank: LSAT Recon Team Player: M417 Bullet Point: JNG-90 All Kits These Hurt Too: SPAS-12 Hold the Trigger: M5K
  • I'll trade EOD kills with someone, CrosshairSnipe
  • Anyone willing to boost for the EOD Bot thing?
  • if u are plz message me GT Hawkeye305
  • Gotten way more kills than needed but still no achivement, WTF is going on?

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