Man of Calibre Achievement

  • Man of Calibre



    Complete a round of Gun Master

    Just complete a round of the new game type 'Gun Master'.

  • Is this a new game mode?
  • It might be a mode similar to gun game found in Black Ops.
  • @2 because it has the word "gun" in it...?
  • @3: Uh...yeah. Makes sense to me.
  • I sure hope so.
  • @4 wow lol
  • Well, what ever it is, its gonna be a lot more better then any CoD game
  • lid, are you fucking high?
  • CQ is out on PS3, and not a single person have gotten this yet? If you go to "Server Browser" and "Show Filter" there's a mode called "GM" What i think is that Dice would never make a non' teambased gamemode, and team Gungame would be kinda wierd. I've given this some thoughts to find out what this really is, and i can't think of anything else than Gun Game.
  • Forget my comment....
  • It's like Gun Game except it's 2 kills with a weapon to move up to the next gun and there are 2 teams.
  • Yeah and the final kill you have to do it with the knife according to Battlefield 3 premium video
  • Quite simple people. Go play it for yourself. After completing one match of Gun Master, you will see the achievement pop. Doesn't matter which level, or how you place.
  • Very fun mode. Gets super intense at the end and it is literally a race to the finish lol.
  • played 2 rnds, no achievement
  • Ditto... this achievement is bugged and not unlocking.
  • This game mode is fucking garbage.
  • Completed two rounds so far and no Achievement. The only constant was that I joined a game in progress both times, so I'm guessing you need to be in it right from the start for it to count. I haven't stayed in a lobby to try this yet.
  • My friend got this, but I cant get it
  • I'm fairly sure the map you are playing the Gun Master mode on matters. Since this is a CQ game mode, it likely needs to be completed on one of the Close Quarters maps (I got it on Ziba Tower).
  • ive played this mode so many times and still havent got the achievement y isnt it unlocking???
  • this is not unlocking at all. fuck all those glitchy achievements ;_;

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