Death from above Achievement

  • Death from above



    Get one kill with the Gunship

    The Gunship is available on all Armoured Kill DLC maps:
    Alborz Mountains (Flag C)
    Death Valley (Flag C)
    Bandar Desert (Flag E)
    Armored Shield (Flag C)

    You can control the Gunship in Rush or Conquest. In Rush, you must be an attacker, and in Conquest you must control the flag that has the gunship icon near it. I recommend the Conquest game mode, and if your team does not control the gunship, try to shoot it down.

    You are able to spawn directly into the gunship, if it has available spots in it, and it allows for 2 people, but it is much easier being the main gunner. The gunship will fly around on its own, so don't worry about steering.

    Spawning in the gunship is the hardest part, once inside, just switch to the largest shell, and aim at buildings, vehicles or choke points in the map. You can go to smaller shell if you have direct sight at infantry. Once you get the kill, you see "Player 1 [Gunship] Player 2" in the top corner, and the achievement will unlock.



  • An Aircraft with a 20mm, 40mm and 105mm Guns... Won't be too hard.
  • death from above ? seems like CoD reference....
  • #2 Haha, yeah, that's what I thought too.
  • #2 It is, I believe it is the name of the MW mission that you play as an AC-130 operator Anyway, this trophy is going to be my 1st. Either that or the tank superiority one.
  • Considering dice have made habit out of insulting 12 year old faggotry called COD I would say if it is a reference it is in mock
  • It is no way as easy to get a kill in MW. I got a chance to fire that 105mm at E3, bitch ain't no joke, might as well wait till the plane is early overhead, but in all seriousness I'm looking forward to seeing vids of long distance arty shots from the ground and from the sky. King of the battle.
  • I thought the AC-130 has always come with the 'Death from above' reference. Is it really mocking cod? Will be fun to shoot this thing though!
  • You are right #7 , "Death from Above" as an adage is ages old, and has absolutely nothing to do with CoD. Gamers... It is the motto of a USAF Bomber Wing, and an Airborne Regiment. It is a reference to Apocalypse Now. It is the name of the special attack when one Battletech Mech uses jump jets to crush another one etc etc
  • ^^^this guy knows this stuff..... and all you uneducated cod idiots can just go hang!
  • Battlefield 3 : DLC: Armored Kill Death from above Achievement
  • This achievement isn't hard and if you are having trouble with it there is a easy way of getting it. Simply start as Engineer class, lay down some mines in heavy vehicle traffic areas, then die and spawn on the gun-ship and as long as you are in the gun ship when someone hits that mine - you will unlock the achievement. Tested it out last night with a few guys and it works. However, it isn't hard to get kills with the gun ship
  • This one shouldn't give you any issues, its too easy to get kills with the AC 130

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