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    Get 10 kills each with Tank destroyers and Mobile Artilleries

    These new vehicles are available in Rush, Conquest & Tank Superiority. You will need to get 10 kills with each new type of vehicle, and it is ok to mix US and RU variants. I recommend the Conquest gamemode, and the locations of where these vehicles can be found are listed below.

    Tank Destroyers:
    SPRUT-SD (RU Tank Destroyer)
    M1128 (US Tank Destroyer)

    Locations: (Tank Superiority)
    US/RU Deployment(s)

    Mobile Artilleries:
    BM 23 (RU Artillery)
    M142 (US Artillery)

    Locations: (Conquest)
    Death Valley: Flags A & E
    Alborz Mountains: Flags B & E
    Bandhar Desert: US/RU Deployment
    Armoured Shield: Flags A & E

    These can be a huge pain to get kills with using the regular artillery. One tip is to get 10 kills from inside the Gunship, as this will unlock Anti-Air abilities on all Mobile Artilleries. Now just sit back from the action and tear up anything in the sky, easily getting 10 kills (compared to the normal method).

  • It is impossible to kill with the Mobile Artillerie. Add me for boosting: iTz i MakeZ HD
  • What is the mobile artillery?
  • Yeah the maps really are not great for using this vehicle. Should have had it on Rush and put it in some of the older maps. Everyone is constantly just fighting to get into them and then its nigh on impossible to score a kill. I have every other achievement from this game legit, but as much as it pains to ask...anyone want to boost?
  • @MakeZ HD --> It helps if you unlock alti-air missiles (by getting 15 kills with gunship) and you hit about 250-300 meter away at the lowest aim.
  • Just got this legit (if a little cheaply) go on PS3 Trophies and there is a great vid on how to do it on Alborz Mountains, Took me three games but if you are lucky/good could be one or two.
  • I'm up for helping/getting this. Add me Gamertag: thespiralmatrix
  • What are the vehicles we have to get 10 kills in? My GT is MADD MAN 123, I guess I'll just boost if it's to hard, hit me up if you want to do it with me. Thanks
  • @5 Are you seriously just going to say "there is a great vid" and not post a link? WTF?
  • Not sure if anyones mentioned this before, but found out that the impacts shows up on the map. hope this helps.
  • Here is how you use the Mobile Artilery. Launch a Salvo, and press start, you'll see a ping on the big map when it hits the ground. I was using it yesterday and was ending up over shooting by target by about 100M so you adjust.
  • Using 11's method try to aim towards the objective that determines which team gets the AC-130.
  • Got this legit finally. Was easier than I expected once I found the spawn points. I recommend the desert. The MA base spawns there and you can hit most objectives from your own base.
  • this is such an easy achievement, just run people over in a hardcore server, completed it in like 3 games, running people over counts for the kills and you DON'T NEED 10 KILLS WITH EACH MOBILE ARTILLERY only with one. SIMPLE, msg me if your struggling and ill give you some more tips. My GT is MADD MAN 123
  • If anyone wants to boost it message me: The Luigi Vampa.
  • Nevermind i got it thanks!
  • Anyone wanna boost this message/invite me. GT: TRAGICTYPHON
  • I gotta give in on this one. Anyone wanna boost? assetboar1969, should be on tomorrow night. Between 2100 to 0100. Eastern standard time (Victoria)....
  • best way to do this is to get 15 kills with the airship so you unlock the AA missiles for the artillery vehicle. a lot easier with AA missiles
  • #19 +1
  • Looking to boost this cheevo. GT is TooBeast2KillU I have my own server.
  • Anyone happen to be trying to get this? I am a little late to the party and am struggling with this one. GT: stimshady2001
  • Yo! Anyone want to help me boost this suck arse cheevo? Perfer someone with own Server or anyone who can help?
  • If anyone is boosting I'm defiantly down, even if I already have it, I know how hard it is to get, add me. Iommi29
  • Hi, is there anyone who wants to boost? I just need kills from mobile artilleries.
  • My gt is qbavoo. I also need few different achievements... hit me up!
  • this one really isn't very hard even the artillery kills. Once you learn how to aim its simply. Also good tip is park your artillery on a slope so you can shoot closer in front of you if needed, etc.
  • mobile artillery kills, ill boost with someone, CrosshairSnipe
  • Ill boost mobile artillery kills, Gt: Roguespartan107
  • Looking to boost this with anyone willing. GT Stephen4394
  • I'd like to boost for this if anyone has people to do so, none of my friends really play this game.
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  • anyone looking to get this message me i want to get this done before gta v comes out add me up if im online ill boost just message or invite me GT:ik unkn0wn ik
  • anyone looking to get this message me i want to get this done before gta v comes out add me up if im online ill boost just message or invite me GT:ik unkn0wn ik
  • Looking to boost this achievement (just the mobile AA part) if anyone wants to help. Will help with whatever you need in return, just send me a message on xbl.
  • Anyone still want to do this?? Drop me a bell if interested GT Recruit In Sand
  • looking for help on this, just invite me if you want, GT - AltF4 BioZanget
  • This one is such a pain... Anyone who still needs it pm me. GT: InfiniteSkeczer
  • Anyone who wants dlc achievements I will rent a server, only need 3 people?? I'm willing to help anyone mic not needed message ( You Get Owned x ) thanks guys
  • gt: jak72

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