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    Get one kill with the Quad bike

    There are 2 ways to get this achievement:

    - Quad Bike Roadkill

    You will need to find a quad bike, and they are littered all over the new Armoured Kill DLC maps, and your best bet is probably to play Conquest mode. It looks like an ATV. Once you are on the bike, try to catch an enemy that is by themselves from behind, at a fast speed, killing them and unlocking the achievement. Cycle trough 1st and 3rd person view by clicking the Right Stick.

    - AT Mine Kills, while seated on bike

    Another method is to plant AT mines on a busy street, then seat yourself on a Quad Bike, in a corner of the map, and wait for your AT mines to kill enemy players. If you get a kill while seated on the bike (from your mines) you will unlock the achievement.



  • Shouldn't be as bad as trying to get a kill with a forklift, I know I had trouble getting that one.
  • When I see someone driving the skid loader I usually let them kill me. Really, there is no reason to be in that thing unless you need the cheevo for it. I've even got messages from people thanking me for letting them run over me.
  • @2 That is so awesome, I really wish there were more people like you on Live
  • These achievements seem kinda easy, and still fun.
  • it's kind of like running over with a jeep.
  • Shouldn't be too hard, I used to do this all the time with ATV in Bad Company 2.
  • Mongoose Mowdown!
  • as long as its easier to turn and maneuver than that bloody skid loader :)
  • @ 1, 2 & 8 if you place a few mines around then jump in the skidloader and just sit there, the mine kill counts towards skidloader thats how I got it, I assume it would be the same for ATV but it should be easier/fun trying in ATV than skid.
  • ATVs should let pilots shoot people with pistol
  • @2 like you ive let a few players kill me when they have been in that, it took my 7 or 8 lives to get it :(
  • eheh, this one it sounds enjoable... probably better that a skid loader -.-
  • I'm so glad the Quad is back. Too fun in BC2!
  • i ended up getting all the close quarters achievements within the first day with ease. excluding get ten kills with each weapon. took about 3 days. nun the less i had fun getting them and i hope the armoured kill ones are as fun as they look!
  • Letting everyone know that I just got this while just randomly driving around and got a double with AT-Mines, so try that if thats easier for you. :)
  • I can confirm that the AT mine trick has been patched. Pretty sure, anyway, because I did exactly what everyone else did and no unlock.
  • i was riding straight at an enemy and he shot me off but the quad kept going and killed him -_-
  • someone boost in their server with me, CrosshairSnipe, I hate boosting but its too damn hard
  • someone boost in their server with me, CrosshairSnipe, I hate boosting but its too damn hard
  • I ran over three guys doing mad speed and i just warped through them.
  • I even tried to kill some guy from the back seat and i can safely say i mutilated him but it still didnt pop.
  • did it with AT mines and no achievement...
  • Need all DLC achievements, please add: vG dArK Night96. Even weeks after this post I will probably still need them.
  • same here. at mines don't seem to work. tried twice, and both times didn't get the achievement.
  • looking to get this achievement, add me (maasymas)
  • Need some people for this one. add me (Fleghammer)
  • gt: jak72

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