Superiority Achievement

  • Superiority



    Win one round of Tank Superiority

    Tank Superiority is a new gamemode available in the Armoured Kill DLC. It's a team based game, and the main goal is to capture and hold a flag for as long as possible. It is recommended that your team has a good balance of tanks and infantry units.

    It is best to just play a few games until your team wins, and as for tips, remember to play the objective. Destroy the enemy tanks by using the Engineer class explosives, C4 or Laser Designator (Recon Kit). If in a tank, try to focus on enemy tanks and capturing the flag, and then pulling back and defending it.

  • Still think that people should spawn as tanks. Isn't this suppose to be a mode in which only vehicles can cap flags?
  • Battlefield 3 : DLC: Armored Kill Superiority Achievement (Tank Superiority Gameplay)
  • gt: jak72

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