Dropship Achievement

  • Dropship



    Destroy the Gunship

    Play any of the Armoured Kill DLC maps. For this achievement you will want to either be defending on Rush, or not have the gunship marked flag in Conquest.

    You will need to spawn as the Engineer class, and it is recommended that you use the "SA-18 Igla" OR "//NAME?" to lock on and shoot down the ship, although you must be standing practically underneath it. It may take more than a few shots, so you may need to respawn and shoot at it more.

    Another option which might be easier for some is to shoot the ship using a Jet or Chopper, just take your time coming up behind it and put as many bullets as you can into it.

  • I'm gonna count the number of assists I get when destroying a gunship before I get the achievement, ha ha!
  • Yeah, you will have to be the last one to get that lucky shot in to destroy it. Chances are it will be the Colonel 100 with 50 service stars in a jet that snags it from you. HAHA!!
  • It could be worse, it could be the Colonel 100 with 50 service stars in a IFV.
  • ima spam mah rpgs, like a boss
  • This will be fun.
  • Think I'll c4 it...
  • I'll take it down with my knife.
  • @7 love it bro haha
  • @7 defibs or nothin
  • I'm gonna be that guy that tries to land on the AC-130 and just continuously knife it throughout the match.
  • This is definitly a fun cheevo to go for, can't wait.
  • These look fun, but easy.
  • Battlefield 3 : DLC: Armored Kill Dropship Achievement http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cz-qF8IbTHk
  • I got this by letting someone else shoot it first, then i used 3 IGLA to bring it down and the cheevo popped..
  • Easiest way is on the desert one. Let it go round the map once to take a bit of damage and then hop in the Pantsir Anti-air gun. It flies by the gun and it's in your range for ages. You'll destroy it before it gets out of range again unless it's got full health.
  • killed it with C4
  • I shot it down 3 times with the vodnik aa truck then with my sa18 rocket and no achievement, wtf
  • I shot it down twice in one game with the Vodnik AA Truck and no achievement. This is f**king glitchy.

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