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    Unlock all xbow parts

    The Xbow is not available from the start. You have to complete an assignment to unlock it, and further assignments to unlock the extra bolt attachments; there are 3 bolt attachments and one scope.

    1. To unlock the Xbow you must complete assignment: Sticks and Stones - win 3 rounds in Scavenger Mode. Once this is completed unleash the Xbow; you will have standard bolts to start with. It is very effective close to medium range.
    2. To unlock the Scan bolt (which spots enemies on impact in a 10m radius) you must complete assignment: It Is Ok To Thank Me - Get 20 spot assists; designate 10 vehicles; get 1 designated assist. Play as the recon class and utilize the T-UGS/MAV for spot assists and the Soflam to designate vehicles. You should get 1 assist if someone uses Javelin to destroy a target you designated. (If you are having troubles with designations/assist, try playing the Armored Kill expansion, mainly Tank Superiority)
    3. To unlock the BA Bolt (basically a better flying bolt) you must complete assignment: Stay Away From My Tent- 50 sniper rifle kills and 10 headshots with a sidearm.
    4. To unlock the HE Bolt (explosive) you must complete 2 assignments: Archery 101 - Get 5 kills with the Xbow; and A Good Demo Man - 5 kills with each of the following: hand grenade, underslung grenade launcher and C4.
    5. You must complete an assignment to get the Xbow Scoped; it is: Go Play Close Quarters - Total 150 meters of headshots with sniper rifles, assault rifles, and carbines. This shouldn't be too bad since you can hit people from pretty far away. And every head shot adds up, whether it be 10 feet or 100 yards.

    **To switch bolts, have the Xbow equipped and press on the D-Pad.**

  • Consider it done!
  • Includes the all the bolts as well as the scoped crossbow. Laser designations seemed like they would take forever but I got all of them in one conquest match on Epicenter.
  • Says I've unlocked everything, but I can't equip the explosive bolts
  • @3 press down on the D-pad when the crossbow is in your hand and he will change the different bolts each has a different color fin tail.
  • how do you unlock it or do u just have to scavenge for it every time
  • Each part is unlocked through completing assignments. Check that list and you find all the stuff you need to do for the crossbow, scope and different bolts. Achievement pops when you complete the required assignments.
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