Home made javelin Achievement

  • Home made javelin



    Destroy an enemy vehicle using the xbow

    You will need the HE (explosive) Bolt to complete this. Please reference the "Handyman" achievement for more details. Once you have it, shoot some vehicles. I would advise against tanks, but Littlebirds and any Jeep type vehicle will do nicely. The explosive bolts are not very strong. Hang near a transport vehicle and damage it with a grenade. When someone jumps in, shoot it. Otherwise try and get someone on a quad bike.

    An easier way to obtain this achievement rather than destroying vehicles, is by destroying enemy equipment. This DOES count for the achievement.




  • Explosive arrow heads! Rambo style!
  • This achievement sucks, I got lucky by shooting down a helicopter that was almost blown up. 4 explosive shots to a jeep and it didnt scratch it.
  • Friend confirmed for me that shooting down a MAV will work, much easier then waiting for a vehicle to be severely damaged
  • I destroyed a sniper's motion sensor with the explosive bolt and the achievement popped.
  • I got this after destroying a spawn beacon with the xbow explosive bolt :)
  • I also shot a spawn beacon and got the chevo.
  • You don't even need to shoot with the xbow explosive bolt. I shot a T-UGS Motion Sensor with the regular bolt and I got it (only needed one shot). I don't think it was supposed to be like this, because it's really easy this way.
  • Any recon equipment will pop this achievement. Explosives like mines and claymores don't count. Easiest vehicle is the phoenix. Four shots and its dead. Also the xbow doesn't reveal your position on the mini-map, so pick a good spot and fire away!
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  • I got the cheevo by accident. I shot a EOD bot with the regular xbow and it popped.
  • If you can not find any enemy equipment there is an other easy way to obtain this achievement. Play "Tank superiority" and wait for an enemies tank to catch on fire then shoot the explosive bolt and you should get the last hit.. POP!
  • I got it by shooting a spawn beacon. I'm not sure if it just glitched or if its supposed to work. Either way its worth a shot for anyone that doesn't feel like boosing.
  • Forget trying to shoot MAV's down as you'll be trying forever (or might get lucky). Also forget tanks and proper vehicles. The best way of doing this and the easiest way is to shoot an enemy T-UGS, just keep the xbow in each of your classes and when you come across one shoot it! Before people ask YES shooting an enemy T-UGS does work!
  • I wouldn't expect this bolt to blow up anything other than the spawn beacon or t-ugs. It hardly does any damage to a soldier.
  • Always one hit for me and only took a few bolts for a tank....
  • All enemy equipment count towards this achievement. I got the achievement for destroying a motar. Check out this video for best map etc: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FJ2dP6_vDg
  • just got this by using the standard bolt and shooting an enemy remote sensor thing, i had to get real close and the first shot missed i think but the second blew it up
  • Yea I got it by shooting a sniper's TUG with a normal bolt. Just shoot equipment.
  • Yea I got it by shooting a sniper's TUG with a normal bolt. Just shoot equipment.

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