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    Without dying, get a kill with xbow, primary weapon, and hand grenade

    Complete Warrior 3.0! I'm sure some people will be able to pull this off without much issue. For those who may need some more help, it is suggested waiting until you unlock the HE bolts since they are explosive. I would also suggest trying this on a Close Quarters map since they are smaller and fighting is generally thick in certain areas. The Xbow is 'classless' and is used in a gadget slot; so go with a class you are comfortable with. Go with the Support class so you can resupply your grenades at will.

  • Challenge accepted!
  • Love these sort of achievements. The assault rifle, tank and jet one was fun.
  • Xbow is secondary, news to me.
  • But the grenade is shit. Hold on....maybe I'm just shit with the grenades. Either way this achievement is gonna suck. :(
  • Sounds easy ;)
  • @5 sounds easy? well getting kills with weapons is all easy and that but when it comes to grenades that another story lol
  • new flash this is going to be easy as pie set c4 2-3 from the m-com have left over c4 going away from the m-com in a chain so when your grenade blows up the c4 does in a chain enemy dies counts as grenade kill :D tested in squad rush.
  • Just try to get the first kill with granade, I bet that it won't take you long to do that... Then, it's easy.
  • What #8 said, get the grenade kill first, then the crossbow, and then the primary. A lot of pressure is taken off when you knock out the grenade and crossbow kills.
  • These ones are deffo getting easier! Just need a buddy who is support and your good to go i guess! Cause you cant have the xbow on support class and obviously ammo is good if you need to keep spamming the grenades, and the frag squad perk too!
  • lol this was easy as pie for me i got lucky after i unlocked the xbow ( took about 1 hour to get ) i got the achievement in under 20 mins after i unlocked it got lucky in metro shot a guy in the bushes with my main gun ran up and camp near the mcom. Threw a grenade into the mcom because these idiots in support keep running around the c4-mcom ( enemy stick c4 to it got lucky LOL ) killed same idle medic with the bow :D
  • well i got a spot i usually take every time in hard core in metro attacker enemy usually cant find me because am right beside them lol
  • I was going to get online and knock out this Achievement today. But I checked my Achievements and found it was already complete! I had turned off my notifications due to recording my gameplay and not wanting friends pop-ups to appear in the videos. I guess I had gotten this and not even realized it? I am assuming it was either in the TDM or Scavenger game I played the other day? One game on TDM we were holding down an area on Epicenter and I was running support and trying to get a few head shots for crossbow and pistols. I know I had killed a guy or 2 with grenades as I was spam throwing them at the doorway. And I had gotten a bow kill. So I must have at one point also used my main gun too? Or possibly the Scavenger mode where I had gotten a few kills on 'D' flag upstairs? (can't
  • (can't recall the new map name of the scavenger mode game) Recommend support and ammo box for grenade spamming and just use a s many weapons as possible. KEEP SHOOTING! Not too difficult obviously.
  • @4 + 6 if your having trouble getting kills with grenades, i think something might be wrong.. maybe you should start aiming them properly, or 'cooking' them. It really isnt that hard to toss a nade into a room with an enemy in it and net an easy kill.. The Xbow's OP to fuck so this cheev will be simple.
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  • Play the map "Noshahr Canals" Playing the "Support class". Have the xbow( Easier to get an xbow kill with the explosive bolts)and "Squad Frag" equiped. Find a spot then deploy the ammo box; then spam grenades in the middle of the map till you get your kill. Then simply get a kill with your primary and xbow. POP!
  • this was a challenge but my advice and the way i did it is to get the grenade kill first, then the xbow kill and finish off with a primary weapon. Or you could just boost for it with a friend on the opposite team, pick a big map where you can hide out like the start of Metro or Caspian Border
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  • challenge complete
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  • Here's how I did it: Engineer class. Pick whatever primary you like, I suggest a Carbine with med scope to give you range but defense up close. Perk = 2 Grenades. Equipment: xbow (duh) and AT Mines. Game Mode: Conquest (Rush should work) Strategy: Best on non-vehicle map (they won't expect mines) put AT mines around objective in grid to maximize area. More confined the space for people the better, this will ensure you have a lot of extra boom. In conquest the flag meter will let you know when people are around it, so toss in a grenade maybe both. While your waiting for this set up it's best to try and knock-out the xbow but don't get yourself killed in the process, since you need primary anyways. Try to stay near but unexposed from the objective. Where they won't come acros
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  • This is actually really simple , I spent about an hour trying to get it , I would go for the grenade first , but if you can get the gun or xbow in between that still works , I did it on Ziba Tower , which was a mistake, an open map would be much easier.
  • This one went batshit crazy for me... Got both grenade, and the primary gun kills and then...died...twice... Was about to rage quit before some fella actually revived me, and twice too! Only then I got that xbow kill, so the achievement. Got way too lucky with this one! :D
  • Ok so I finished a game of squad rush where I was going for my last few ribbons. I got what I was aiming for and because it was the end of the round I thought I would mess around with the xbow a little bit for the first time. I was rubbish but after about 4 attempts I managed to kill someone,started taking fire so I switched to my primary weapon and went into cover, flung a grenade out and went running after it. Shot down one enemy with the UMP-45 and got another with the grenade earning myself a double kill. Just then the round ended but the achievement never popped!! I done it with ease getting the 3 kills within seconds of each other in 1 life but I won't lie it was mostly luck I doubt I'll ever be able to do that again, why didn't I get the achievement and has this happened to anybody
  • Thought this one was going to be a pain in the ass, got it first try!
  • gt: jak72

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