Capture The Flag Achievement

  • Capture The Flag



    Capture one flag while playing CTF

    So this is a real capture the flag gametype.. not like Conquest where you capture points on the map. There is 1 flag/base on each side, you must get to the enemy base/flag and grab it, then huff it back to your base to score it. Hopefully you have a squadmate with you, who can give you a lift back via land or air! You also have the capability of driving yourself as carrying the flag does not limit you in any way. To successfully score the flag, your teams flag must be at your base.

  • The picture of this achievement looks familiar to me I think it's something about world war 2? Can someone tell me what it is?
  • It looks familiar alright, I know it's a statue, but isn't it also used on the Flags of our Fathers dvd cover?
  • Its the flag being raised over iwo
  • Oh yeah I remember that I saw a movie with that picture forgot the name though.
  • Clint Eastwood's "Flags of our Fathers" and "Letters from Iwo Jima". And the statue is from a picture taken on the island, when a bunch of US Marines were raising the american flag on the island. USMC Memorial, Iwo Jima :
  • Its actually a picture of the SECOND flag being raised after Iwo Jima was taken. The commander of U.S. forces thought the original that the Marines had raised was too small, so he ordered a bigger one be put in it's place. The photographer took the picture during the second raising because the first was put there immediately after the fighting ended and the press boat wasn't allowed on the island yet. One reporter was actually shot while getting to the island from a small hold-out group in a cave near the flag's original position.
  • The fighting went on for months after the flag was raised
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  • I honestly don't know how anyone manages to take the flag from the enemy's base all the way to their own is a mystery to me. Solid ring of c4, claymore, a tank and 5 guys pffft
  • Easiest way: jump on a dirt-bike and have someone drive you over to the flag and race back to your base like a bat outta hell.
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  • For those who aren't boosting this one. Just wait by the enemy's flag spawn while your team is capturing the actual flag. The moment your team scores get ready to snag the new one and motorcycle out of there. They should be scrambled enough that you shouldn't have any troubles. I capture 2 flags in one round doing this.
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