Its no sidecar Achievement

  • Its no sidecar



    Get a kill from the passenger position on a motorcycle

    Not as cool as a sidecar, but you can hop on the back while a buddy drives. You have full range of motion and can turn around completely, or face the front. Just get a kill while on the back part of the dirtbike. You can get this by yourself as well, hop on the bike by pressing , then drive to wherever, preferably near a flag/objective. Press to move to the back portion of the bike and start shooting.

  • Well i got this achievement on my own. should be easy :). Heres a clip for proof:
  • I got this on my own too. I just played CTF and put a bike near my own flag. I just switched to the passenger position and waited for someone to capture my teams flag and then unloaded on them.
  • I got this while in the driver position (flag in hand) at the same time a tank rolled over one of my mines. He died, I got the achievement. Glitched?
  • @#1--- WHERE'S*
  • just jump on a bike and come up from behind someone (running on foot or standing still) and press the A button to switch to the passenger seat, and just unload on them.
  • Thats the joke wheres the apostrophe its not a sidecar. But hey they didnt know that you set up your soldier, not setup your soldier either. Then there is another one where it should actually be its but they put in the ' when it was not needed, so whatever. I already had this achie from sitting in the passenger seat and whatever, mine or shooting. I wish I hadn't had it yet though, because I could have switched to the passenger seat when I was in the motorcycle on the way to their flag and I ran over somebody while they were repairing their tank. Easy!
  • Have to agree with 3, i put the bike up against the wall where it was kinda hidden switched to the passenger seat and just camped the flag and killed someone who was trying to sneak into the base.
  • Just get a dirt bike, park it near the flag and get into the back seat (A button) then when they come to get the flag just shoot them. Easier than moving targets.
  • I got it the same way as #4, the funny part was that shortly after that I did a "standard" kill from the back :)
  • Add YurGamerTagSuks for help.
  • I need some help with this achievement. If anyone is down message me on live. Gamertag is the same as my username. GT: Portense
  • The easiest way is to do this by yourself as it is difficult to shoot and kill someone while your teammate is driving.
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  • gt: jak72
  • I’m still needing this achievement plus few others. If anyone needs this or other achievements or guns or dog tags, I have a server open. Send me a message online TCB77TLC

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