AAs revenge Achievement

  • AAs revenge



    Destroy an air vehicle using the AA jeeps

    You can now put the new HMMWV Asrad and the Vodnik AA to good use. Simply shoot down an enemy Jet or Chopper; both vehicles utilize guided, or unguided missiles. These generally spawn at your home base on the US and Russian side.

    Here's a video that shows how to acquire all achievements. Provided by Predni
    Here is the linked Timeline for the Video:

    00:06 - Capture The Flag
    01:15 - AA's Revenge
    02:10 - Heavy Lifter
    03:13 - It's No Sidecar
    04:05 - Transport Pilot

  • When the recharge time on flares or ECM seems to be the same as the reload time for the aa missiles this is well hard to get so far
  • this was so easy
  • works against dropship. you won't get hit markers, but the dropship will start to smoke and then catch on fire and eventually die.
  • Looking for players to get all dlc achievements with?? I'm willing to help with whatever you need?? I will rent a server anytime need 3 people willing to smash this out with message me GT : ( You Get Owned x )
  • gt: jak72

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