Heavy Lifter Achievement

  • Heavy Lifter



    Kill an enemy after successfully paradropping a vehicle

    This is a new feature added to the C130 Gunship. You have the ability to either parachute out of the back of it, or spawn in a vehicle and drop it out of the back and hover down to the ground. When in the 'spawn menu' select 'Paradrop IFV'. Once you land (or while in the air) get a kill while in the vehicle. Being the driver or gunner should net you this achievement. This must be done in a Conquest type game, and your team must hold the objective that allows the C130 to spawn.

  • tips on easy ways to do this?
  • nevermind - I got it. Was just in the wrong game mode.
  • how do i do this
  • this is such a pain in the ass, i cap the flag for the paradrop, suicide and then the paradrop never drops any vehicles, WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSE TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This is easy to get on conquest. on any of the new maps. first capture the flag that has the drop ship and then span in the vehicle. The achievement read "Kill an enemy" but i has to kill an enemy when he was on a vehicle.
  • What exactly do I have to do to get it? I jumped off the plane and killed someone and I never see an option to do anything else other than to just jump off?
  • i flew in an IFV w/ parachute and i killed someone with the cannon. do you have to land on them?
  • This is glitched. After you successfully paradrop an IFV it won't pop with the first couple of kills. It took like four to five kills before the achievement popped for me. I had to hop out of the IFV a couple of times to repair it.
  • You have to play conquest and capture flag 'C'. Then an option to paratroop spawn with soon appear. If you wait a bit longer for the plane to get to a set point on the map, an option to do an IFV drop spawn will appear. Just spawn in the IFV and once it lands on the ground just kill a couple of guys. The achievement popped after one kill for me, but may take more (it took my friend two kills). FYI, you can get the achievement without actually para dropping in the IFV. After I para dropped, my friend jumped from the ground and got the achievement.
  • *my friend jumped in from the ground and got the achievement after two kills
  • Ok I can confirm the if you air drop the IFV it takes 5 kills to unlock the Achievement but if you jump in it while its on the ground it only takes 2 I dropped in and got 5 kills but a buddy jumped in and got 2 and we both got it. Hope this helps
  • I got it after my first kill. No problem.
  • Glitched. Got two kills after paradropping, then died and nada. Just want to get this and be done with it. Loved the game when it first came out but the patches have made it fucking rubbish.
  • Okay to clear this up for some people. First capture the base camp that gives your team para drops. Do this in conquest on a new map. After u capture the base, commit suicide or wait for death. (Makes more sense to suicide so as to not risk losing the base in the meantime). Now THERE ARE TWO WAYS TO PARA DROP BUT ONLY ONE WAY WORKS. Para drop while inside the IFV, land, and drive around the map until you kill someone with it then it should pop. Para dropping your soldier without the vehicle does not count. If there is only one option to para drop that does not say IFV then don't spawn yet. Wait until it says para drop IFV in the spawn location menu between lives.
  • What Are The Maps ?
  • This is a little glitchy. Took me 2 kills which took 2 different tanks, really not hard to get into it if you suicide as soon as you take the flag.
  • This one wasn't bad. Joined a match, team was getting slaughtered, so I managed to switch teams and waited for the gunship to respawn. As soon as it did, I just spawned in the IFV, landed, and got a kill. It wasn't glitched for me, but it took a few seconds for the achievement to pop. First kill and it unlocked.
  • I am looking to do a lot of these multiplayer achievements. I want to find people to boost these. Message me if you want help. Gamertag: Warren 13
  • gt: jak72
  • Looking for a group to do all the dlc achievements with as it turns out nobody plays on the dlc servers anymore. Gamertag - Chrupdiddy

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