Storm bringer Achievement

  • Storm bringer



    Obtain 20 000 points in the Singapore mission in the Campaign

    See "Dunn's Pride"

  • what's with this point system and bout this is s generic list. I'm a bit disappointed. here's to hoping the Xbox one list is a bit better and a bit more challenging
  • the only explanation I can suggest for this is that it might be a bit like the mw3 spec ops missions... but then it might be for completing in game challenges, which would explain the assignment achievement
  • Word !
  • Pretty sure some of these achievements are glitched. This one popped for me when I checked out the "Test Range" in multiplayer.
  • You get scored like you're playing online, points for kills, multi kills head shots, etc. I don't know why they would have a multiplayer based game have 95% achievements for story........
  • Just Got The Achievement By Randomly Checking Out Test Tange, Just Poped Up !
  • Got it in test range and it was my last score achievement
  • I also got this when I entered the test range!
  • Me too, got it in the test range, LOL
  • How and when? i entered and nothing played a bit and nothing. Did you already beat the campaign?
  • The second I deployed, the achievement popped. Used engineer; don't know if that matters.
  • This is really funny, I loaded up the test range thing and this achievement popped lol, I was so surprised.
  • Legit done with out glitching. Recommendations are as followed - Use a machine gun and lob a lot of grenade (why, because the more kills in a row the more points and grenades can make it happen to)Secondary is up to you. Don't call out targets, squad kills are only 50 a pop. Tank wise do what you thinks best, I tried my best to get multi kills of of the enemy tanks 200 vs 500 can make it or break it even though some I got 700.
  • Also popped when entering the test range (along with the Shanghai-score-achievement) even before playing the campain. I still would have gotten it legit. Singapore may be the hardest of the score achievements, but it's still easy. As #13 said: Try to get multi kills and don't call out targets. Maybe some adrenaline kills could help, too (just let a single enemy shoot you until you're in critical condition, then kill him - worth extra 50 points).
  • Popped for me entering test range too
  • This one is so annoying because the ally vehicle at the beginning seems determined to block you, push you out of the way and steal and load of kills (without marking).
  • I just put myself in Adrenaline mode and shoot them or their heads for more points!
  • Do you get more points for being on hard or can this be done on easy?... I started campaign on hard and yest my save got deleted cheers EA ... almost fin aswell popular bug to go with rest on this rushed game.
  • first put it on easy. second don't snipe to get headshots, use a carbine and just John Rambo the mission. In the beginning stay in front of the tank, this is a must. Throw your grenades at clusters. before you get in the tank you'll come to a bridge over the road, if you run up the left side before the bad guys cross you'll see a cluster of like 6 or so, great place for a monster multikill. after that basically go for whatever multikills you see and just don't let your squad get any. i managed it after getting 18.5k on hard, 17.5k on norm then went John Rambo on easy and got just under 21k.
  • This is definitely the hardest of the point-based achievements, in my opinion. Took me three tries to do it, and I didn't even hit gold in my first attempt. Commenter #19 provides sound advice. I used the G36C set to auto through most of the level, then switched to the Mk11 Mod 0 in the hangar section at the end. Don't bother trying to get headshots until the big hangar section. I also suggest equipping two RPGs in your secondary slots, I used the RPG7V2 and the SMAW. They can help get you some long-range multikills when grenades won't cut it. If you have at least 16,000 by the time you leave the sewer, and then focus on multikills and headshots, you should be good. I ended up with a total of 21,850 on easy.
  • This is my last achievement and I've heard the best way is to run'n'gun in front of the tank and attempt to hit the 20k. On my hard play, I got just over 19,925. I was extremely disappointed when I didn't hit 20k. Really not looking forwards to this achievement.
  • To get this one you just need to try get the kills before the tank does and try to make your kills either headshots or multi-kills.
  • I got 19,100 on this level in main game and went to test range but no achievement ??????????????????????/
  • Got 19,600 on hard...missed 2 guys at the very end cause i thought the mission was over.
  • Can anyone confirm or deny this still unlocks after entering Test Range, or has it been patched?
  • I had 19675 points before opening the door to the hanger, and somehow managed to miss all four kills outside the hanger to get to 20,000. I made it all the way to the cut scene before thinking of restarting the checkpoint which should have brought me to the hanger again, but instead it kept playing the cut scene again. Frustrated, I thought I would try the test range again to see if it popped and it did not, some I left the Xbox360 on, and came back a few hours later ready to do the level over. When I restarted the level I was surprised to see my 19675 score still on the left side (normally will show 0 when restarting), but never thought anything of it, I get in the boat, get to the beach, kill a few enemies and the achievement popped. Somehow my score kept going up and I now had

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