Gladiator Achievement

  • Gladiator



    Obtain 12 000 points in the Kunlun Mountains mission in the Campaign

    See "Dunn's Pride"

  • Also glitched an unlocked via entering the Test Range.
  • Fuck me, I had 11,945 because I had a squad kill (60 PTS) instead of 100+ for a kill :P
  • Squad kills are 50 points.
  • The test range glitch FYI is related to how many MP achievements you have up to a max of 5, if you have none it will unlock nothing, if you have 1 it will unlock 1 SP achievement. How it works out which it unlocks im not sure so i would advise doing all the easy SP stuff before using it to unlock anything you are missing. Also known to work for the get all collectables if the Kunlun mountains dogtag glitches on you.

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