Above and beyond the call Achievement

  • Above and beyond the call



    Complete all Assignments in the Campaign

    See "Full Arsenal" for details about the assignments.

  • Nice reference, Battlefield is above and beyond better than the call of duty
  • I find this fanboy shit incredibly pathetic.
  • I think this will be a fun cheevo
  • Because if they wrote above the Call of Duty they would be sued...
  • Sad kid-like back and forth bullshit.
  • Are the assignments the collectable weapons?
  • I got this one after joining in the test range for the second time. First time I joined the test range I got the Storm Bringer cheevo.
  • Two glitched achievements?! Come on, DICE. I haven't even touched the campaign yet...
  • All 3 endings cunt as assignments. So make sure you do them before you freak out about not getting it
  • Nice
  • havn't got it and I have done all of the achievments except the 5 online achievements ! why havnt i got this and the "full arsenal" achievemant ???
  • @11 me too i figured it glitched so i redid the campaign twice doing everything needed and still no achievement wouldnt be that bad if i enjoyed the game its a piece of shit enjoyed pac man and the ghostly adventures more
  • @12 is rite this game is awful! control bad.. story .. boring.. i mean seriously boring glitched massively .. good that your cover brakes... bad that the dam thing is see through you take cover behind a wall but you can walk through most of ones that can b destroyed or b shot through.. ohh not to mention... no achevo for doing it on hard... wht!! thnk god i only borrowed this from a friend coz ad b seriously annoyed... he was when i gave him my review
  • What is the "test range"? I'm half way through the campaign and my only options on the main screen is Multiplayer, Campaign, and Options.
  • Yeah, i got everything except QBU-98 and didn't get these two achievements. This sucks
  • Coming from an ex hardcore cod fan battlefield is better.
  • Thanks for the heads up

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