Antediluvian Achievement

  • Antediluvian



    Complete the Tashgar mission in the Campaign

    This achievement cannot be missed. It is awarded for completing Mission 6.

  • This Game on Xbox One is Damn near unplayable. The amount of glitches... My health won't regen in this mission and when i die or reload Checkpoint it sticks me with 1 health wtf... Broken Piece of Shit.
  • I played this mission HARD mode on 360. This mission has to be the worst one of them all on Hard mode. Mechanics on this game is horrendous. No checkpoints until you complete the 3rd section, so you die anywhere in between you have to start coming out the door from the building and start over again. Sniping with being on target doesn't kill anything. Seems that body shots or several shots are needed. Took me hours to finally get thru this one. I recommend for those that are not well experienced in playing this game, take this mission slow, follow online guides and don't rush it. Make sure you take out all enemies in each section before proceeding to the next. Use the tank wisely and use anti personnel and mines to take out each armored vehicle in the 1st and 2nd section.s Use cover often and buildings often. Take out enemies as quick as you can when they get close or appear behind you as they will. Use the on screen tracker for some guidance here. Use good long range snipers and I prefer the LMGs for running and gunning. Re-supply before going to the next section. I used the tank entering the 2nd section at the arch way and only used sparingly. I took up mines at the 2nd section and ran out on the left side before the armored vehicle appeared and laid down several mines in this area as the vehicle will roll over them, they took out the armored vehicle. You can use the tank but it takes damage quickly and I died once trying to get out of it. Stay behind the tank as needed. Once the armored vehicle was down, then begin to work on the foot enemies on roof tops and ground level. Take out any RPGs first, then get into the tank and slowly move towards the 3rd section. Taking out anyone you see. Hop out and use your field vision to see where enemies are at and target them and engage your friendlies. Move the tank up to the 3rd archway. You can use the tank some here and take out advancing foot enemies and take out the gun mounts at the far end. Again, take it slow here until all are gone. You can move the tank up to the end of section 3 then you have to get out and head to the right into the tunnel area. The tunnel area is where you FINALLY get a check point. There should have been a CP back in section 2 but NOOOOOO. So glad I don't have to do this mission again on hard. Horrendous mission.

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