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    Complete the Campaign on Hard


    You will have to complete this game on "Hard" difficulty to unlock this achievement. The game shouldn't cause you too many problems at all, but there are a few pointers that will make it a little easier if you are struggling:

    • Choose the right weapon for the situation - Change your weapon to suit your needs when possible
    • Use the tactical binos to scan areas once you enter them while will show all enemy locations
    • Use to have your teammates engage enemies, and reveal them on your map also
    • Stay close to cover at all times and be ready to hide when necessary
    • Take your shots while crouched and stationary, and avoid enemy grenades
    • If stuck, try a different approach to the situation

    With these few tips, you should be able to beat the campaign without too much difficulty. The achievement will unlock as soon as you complete Mission 7: Suez, and should stack with the Easy and Normal difficulty achievement. If those do not unlock, complete the final level on those difficulties while going for the other endings.

    You can find a hard walkthrough on YouTube HERE.

  • damm only 25g for this yet 25g for normal? whats the point in that and I hope that these are stackable
  • I hear that!
  • I presume it's easy on hard
  • I've completed it on hard, but I didn't get any completion achievements. Anyone else with this problem?
  • #4: Did you replay any of the missions before finishing the campain? @ achievement: This one stacks with the other two difficulty achievements. Just play through the campain on Hard (it's not that hard - I barely noticed a difference between this one and Easy) and you'll get all three of them.
  • @4 - I ran through the whole thing on easy and didn't get that achievement. I never restarted a mission, i just reloaded a checkpoint in one of the earlier mission. I skipped the credits, don't know if that has an effect?
  • I don't get any difficulty, assignments or the completing Suez achievements....This campaign is so glitchy and clearly quickly thrown together..Quite unfortunate.
  • The other day someone asked me for help because those achievements didn't pop for him, too (also never replayed any mission). I could just tell him to restart the campain. It turned out that he got all three difficulty achievements at the end of the Singapore mission. It's annoying, but at least you don't have to play through the whole campain again (maybe).
  • I've just completed my first run through on hard and none of the achievements have popped and before someone says it no I didn't replay any missions. I just played the campaign in one sitting... Hate glitchy achievements
  • happened to me on when i did my easy run to get all misc chieve first.. just replay the last level and watch credits as it pops up during the credits
  • After trying a bunch of different suggested methods - replaying the last level, watching all the way the RIDICULOUSLY long credits (why do I need to know who did the QA in Romania in my US copy of the game?), replaying the first mission - I gave up and started replaying missions on easy to get the collectibles. The easy campaign achievement popped after the Shanghai mission. I replayed in Hard after that and normal and hard achievements popped as well.
  • Hey guys.. I want to give you a headsup... The difficulty achievements DO NOT STACK, BUT you also don't need to finish the whole game.. You can replay the last mission 3 times.. There are also 3 different endings (with achievements), so do one difficulty per ending, then you should get all of them :)
  • This sucks I beat it on normal and easy and no achievement !!
  • awesome more glitchy-ness to already glitch filled and broken game. none of the achievements popped for me as well. this game has pissed me off from the beginning. tell me why everyone likes the battlefield series?
  • Bah! its glitched so that i aint getting the achivement, even thought ive played the whole campaign on hard!
  • This would be nice if you could actually play the single player everytime I turn my game on it says single player corrupt and wipes all my single player so I cant even do anything
  • Just discovered the reason (At least it was my problem) For those achievements to pop, you need to get all the assigments done. I completed the campaign on Normal, got no achievement. Re-did it on Hard and when I was at the Singapore level, I notices I missed one of the assigments. I completed it and after finishing the level, both achievements for Easy and Normal poped in. Not sure if it was coincidence, but I think it's that...
  • wtf my progress keeps getting LOST ANYBODY ELSE GOT SAME PROBLEM? IDK IF ITS EA OR DICE or whatever.. but ea have very bad servers :L cant even get a decent game on fifa 14 online...............
  • Omfg why the hell does it keep glitching and deleting my progress god im so fucking tired of this shit!

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