Shawshank Achievement

  • Shawshank



    Get 5 kills with Shank in the Kunlun Mountains mission in the Campaign

    At the beginning of Mission 5: Kunlun Mountains, you'll be given a shank and then told to shut off power in a tower. Just draw your shank, and sneak around the the outside of this area, trying to stay out of sight from the enemies. Sneak up to enemies, and press melee to kill them. There are 7 enemies in this first area for you to kill, and you can melee them even if they spot you.

    Additionally, there are more clueless enemies near the end of this level where you can get more shank kills.

    After getting 5 kills with the shank, you'll unlock the achievement/trophy.

  • Here is my Videoguide for this Achievement
  • Here Is A Video On How To Do This & Best Way To Do This Easy As Alot Of People Asked Me To Stick It Up For Them
  • Knife them easy
  • Knives are so much fun especially with a machete
  • @2 Nobody Asked You To And Also Nobody Asked You To Capitalise Each Word... Bloody YT whores. Anyone care to share something that doesnt involve giving some idiot extra views?

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