Patience is a virtue Achievement

  • Patience is a virtue



    Experience all 3 endings in the Campaign

    At the very end of Mission 7: Suez, you will come to part where you, Irish, and Hannah are hanging above a ship, and you must make a decision on what must be done:

    You have 3 options:

    • For Tombstone: Do nothing, destroying the valkyrie
    • For the People: Hand the C4 to Irish
    • For the Cause: Hand the C4 to Hannah

    You will have to play the last level a total of 3 times to unlock all three individual endings. You are free to play on any difficulty, and run through the level as fast as possible. As soon, as you've triggered all three endings, the achievement will unlock.

  • I hate multiple endings in games :(
  • Fable 2, save before the end
  • Didn't get this but completed all three endings. Do you have to wait for the credits to finish for it to show up? I usually do but these are so long I finally skipped them my first play through.
  • After you make your decision, the game awards you an achievement after several seconds. The achievement for each individual ending will pop at the same time you are awarded your Gold Campaign medal (if your points are high enough). At this point, you can hit START, choose RELOAD CHECKPOINT and you can make a different choice. I just did this for my other 2 endings and got both achievements. Now just have to get the individual mission challenges..
  • Hey guys.. I want to give you a headsup... The difficulty achievements DO NOT STACK, BUT you also don't need to finish the whole game.. You can replay the last mission 3 times.. There are also 3 different endings (with achievements), so do one difficulty per ending, then you should get all of them :)
  • mine didn't unlock either, any pointers? :(
  • Beat it on normal first time. Choose Dudeman then reloaded for the non person ending and JUST completed full on hard and choose 3rd choice. All three popped at right time on their own, but this patience is a virtue did not pop. Also ona. Side note I keep out scoring friends for mission score and it keep showing me at 0 and my previous score not even on the charts, ??.?
  • Here's how you take it. Sacrifice: 1. Irish 2. The woman 3. The ship Also make sure you get the dog tags for your choice. If it don't pop, it wont count towards this cheevo either.
  • didnt pop for me either... I wish there was a way to check xbox one achievements online like with the 360 :(
  • patience is a virtue, because this game has deleted my save twice now before i've completed it even once. total joke.
  • 3 endings that make NO differance whatsoever, with characters that i dont care about anyway. piece of shit game. had no fun playing it and comp.t it in 4 hours on hardest with highests scores and all collectables, wank !
  • I beat the game a while ago, and then my save got corrupted and I lost all my campaign things. Just went through again today and beat the other two endings and no achievement popped. Played through the ending again and chose the ending I did the first time and POP went the achievement. Maybe if your save file becomes corrupted you need to redo the ending that you originally did?
  • I had the same issue of the achievement not unlocking. Replaying the last chapter on hard three times in a row, doing all three endings, made it pop for me

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