.45 old school Achievement

  • .45 old school



    Perform 45 kills with the M1911 Handgun in Multiplayer

    In order to unlock the M1911 Handgun, you need to accumulate a total of 34,000 points with Pistols only. This includes any points that are a direct result of the pistol, like suppression assists and kills. It is recommended that you keep your pistol out whenever possible to maximize scoring potential. Be sure to make the most out of this when trying to build up your Pistols score. Once you unlock the M1911 Handgun, simply get a total of 45 kills with it in multiplayer.

    Also, you can get this achievement by picking the gun up from another player's kit. So it is possible for a friend to give you this gun if they have unlocked it, and it is also possible for you to pick it up from a dead enemy.

  • No FPS is right without a 1911!
  • Someone at DICE is a large 1911 fan. Every single game has always had some kind of shout out to the 1911.
  • Love my 1911 in game and in life, awesome achievement Dice
  • Definitely some 1911 love at DICE. Only firearm that has been in every single Battlefield since 42.
  • Never used any other sidearm much in Battlefield games anyway. I just love the damn thing.
  • does it need killstreak?
  • Does anyone know what rank you unlock the 1911? I was hoping to make it my first achievement.
  • @7 You need 34000 points in handguns
  • You will be using pistols a lot before you get it unlocked.
  • Anyone who doesn't appreciate this American classic is crazy, or has never used it. Great pistol. Can't wait to unlike it and catch up to my B3 kills with it.
  • This achievement makes me pull out my pistol to often. Can't wait to use it though.
  • M93R > 1911. Just sayin'.......
  • Red620Ti < tool. Just sayin'.......
  • @13 don't you mean red620Ti = tool
  • We are getting this gun from DICE for free during the double XP weekend, correct?
  • Gettting bored trying for this... If you wanna help me boost i will return the favour!!! Online all day today timezone GMT +1
  • BTW it is just a M1911 3x scope we are getting for free not the actual gun. The scope was meant to be only for DICE develpoers. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/dice-awarding-double-xp-for-all-battlefield-4-players-after-technical-hiccups/1100-6416347/
  • Looking to boost please - long achievement! "Poat540" Eastern Time
  • don't suppose anyone will be willing to help me out? if so add me > ZombieSlayers09

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