Bomb squad Achievement

  • Bomb squad



    Deliver 5 bombs in Obliteration

    You will need to play the Obliteration game mode, pick up/steal the bomb and plant it on one of the enemy teams base five different times. The point of this game mode is having two teams fight for control over a bomb that spawns in random locations on the map. Once a team collects the bomb, they have to plant it on any of the 3 enemy bases marked on the maps. Bombs can be dropped by players if killed and recollected.

    The bombs location is always shown on your screen and the map which can make this achievement a little difficult due to everyone trying to go after the same target. Therefore, it is recommended to try and go for this achievement while playing with friends or people that you can communicate with for maximum coordination and success.

    An alternative method of gaining this achievement more easily is to gather 4 players together, this is the minimal amount of players required to start a match. One player should filter empty lobbies through the server search, join one and invite the rest of the players once in the game. The game will place everyone on the same team and start. From here on, have everyone take turns getting their bomb deliveries. Random players can still join the lobby so if they're so if they prove to be too much trouble then you should quit out and find a new empty lobby.

    Note: The bomb must explode and destroy the base for it to count as delivered, if it is diffused by the enemy then it will not count.

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  • I have done this now, in the end I got this legit, it's not too bad I just kept playing the game mode. Sometimes you have to get a bit lucky. But just keep playing and eventually you will get it.
  • do you need to explose the bomb?
  • by far the worse achievement in the game, requires blind luck that you make it to the objective without getting killed, set the charge and let it blow. not helped by the fact nobody helps you
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  • managed to get this in one night... Easiest map i found was Hainan Resort as the objectives can be reached by vehicle quite quickly. Lurk around the hotel lobby for the bomb to spawn around that area and then get to a vehicle outside. For me there was a guy just outside the door in a jeep and took me straight to an objective. BUT YOU DO REQUIRE LUCK and a good team. By far the best tip i can give is to know where all the spawn points are for the bomb and vehicles. Best of luck!
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