Call me "Sir" Achievement

  • Call me "Sir"



    Reach rank 25.

    Rank 25 requires roughly 800,000 total points. This can take anywhere from 15-50hrs depending on your playstyle and game modes you play. A few basic tips to new BF players;

    • Customize and perfect your favoured class/loadout
    • Play each game mode on how it’s intended to be played – play the objective
    • Support your team e.g. drop ammo, health packs, revive, transport, spot enemies etc.
    • Be a good Commander - When you’re finally picked, make the most out of it.
    • Play in a Squad – so you have more spawn points available & earn squad bonus points.
  • Way better/easier achievements than BF3. I still haven't even reach colonel/lvl45 on that game. I won't even need help boosting on this game at least until i see the list for the DLC. BF3 I still need 20 more achievements.
  • I agree, looks like a simple list for sure.
  • What's sup with the online ranking system on this game ? I played a match (rank 1) when the match was over it went through the progress of me ranking up to rank 2. While waiting for the next math to start I simply press quit to back out and it brought me back to rank 1. I then ranked up to rank 2 again and when the next match started I then quit and it kept me on rank 2. Is anyone else going through this ?
  • Yes. I rank up during a match then on the next one I'm back to the previous rank. After whatever points I rank up again to where i was the last match. Weird
  • @3&4 this has happened to myself and a friends a few time also.
  • Seems that some of the (maybe all) ribbons aren't added after the game. Ingame (and even at the result screen) they still add up, so you'll get your rank up there, but after the match the ribbon points are taken away again (what may lead to a rank drop again). One of the many glitches in the game.
  • Has anyone else lost progress? I layer and got to rank 5 earning a service star on the ak12 and unlocking the m416. Today I'm rank 3 with no service star and even though my m416 is still in my loadout the game says i have not unlocked it yet. Also premium items and things awarded in battle packs it won't let me use saying its a battle pack unlock or premium only.....I have the item from a battle pack and I am premium grrrr. Not accepting my veteran status from all previous bf games either. Can't believe progress of rank and unlocks is not being saved.
  • yes i too have lost a rank, i was rank 5 but the very next match when it finished it said i was rank 4.
  • yeah its def a problem
  • Kinda weird that the picture is the twin bars of a Captain, which is rank 86.Rank 25 is a Staff Sergeant grade 5. Plus, in most military branchs a non commisioned soldier is called by his actually rank, and only officers(Lieutenant at least) are called by "Sir". Just thought I would point that out.
  • ure gr8 i reall aprciate it

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