Fledgling Achievement

  • Fledgling



    Play a round of Air Superiority

    You must complete a round of Air Superiority on any map and the achievement will unlock once the game ends. It does not matter whether you win or lose, and you can also join late to a game and still unlock the achievement.

  • Would love to do this, except I can't get into any Air Superiority match...
  • there are none as of yet. hopefully ea will fix this soon... very soon.
  • I still have no been able to even get into a sever for this one
  • there's one server in the world on 360 running AS but the word is it's broken and no one can play even though it shows people in it. regardless i doubt it'll be fixed until china rising is released for everyone, if we're lucky.
  • yea if you search for it, 2 games pop up but when you try to join them, it says to check your internet connection even though you can join other modes fine
  • I cant even play the dlc its not even showing up and before u say I am a premium member
  • i cant play the dlc either. it tell me to download the update from the marketplace and i did. and when i clicked play now it said insert disc that matches the game. and when im at the main menu it still says to download the update...any suggestions on how to fix it
  • #7have u tried un instslling it then reinstalling as thats what I had to do then it worked still abit buggy tho so b careful
  • Hey guys me and a friend are looking for help to do these DLC Achievements on the Xbox One. Both China Rising and Second Assault DLCs. We both got a refund on Premium so any time soon will no longer have the DLCs... Just need 2 more players and we can all take in turns getting each one. Easy enough. There are never any servers to find if we wanted to try legit either. Message me if interested thanks! My Gamertag is "NoizeJunky362"
  • No se porque, el modo superioridad aerea no sale en el menu, si quereis jugar, hay que ir a buscar un servidor y seleccionar el modo. I don't know why, this game mode not appear in selecction menu of multiplayer secction, you only play this from "select server" menu...WHY?
  • looking to boost china all china rising dlc, let me know if anyone wants to. GT: Headshotathon

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