2 Wheels Achievement

  • 2 Wheels



    Get a kill with the Dirtbike

    This is easiest done on Rush mode as attackers, as most of the time there will be a large group of enemies around the MCOMS for some easy roadkill opportunities. Conquest is also a good mode as players will be scattered around the map, and 1-2 dirt bikes will also spawn on most if not all flag bases and home bases. Play in whichever camera view you’re comfortable in and look for unaware snipers for the easiest kills.

    The below video shows a player getting a roadkill with the dirtbike.

  • Unlike in BF3 you actually need to run someone down with the Dirtbike, shooting someone whilst sat on it will not count.
  • I can confirm that, however I don't know if laying mines down then driving around works. Either way it is best to just always spawn on one and just drive around until you see someone who hasn't seen you. It is definiately harder than it was in BF3 due to the fact all transport vehicles handle like shit now and their steering is either to do a 90 degree turn or not turn at all. I was lucky to get it on 2 people capping a flag in a bottleneck and I got a multikill from it, otherwise it seems pretty hard hitting anyone moving as the game is usually out of sync and it does not register.
  • Hey guys me and a friend are looking for help to do these DLC Achievements on the Xbox One. Both China Rising and Second Assault DLCs. We both got a refund on Premium so any time soon will no longer have the DLCs... Just need 2 more players and we can all take in turns getting each one. Easy enough. There are never any servers to find if we wanted to try legit either. Message me if interested thanks! My Gamertag is "NoizeJunky362"
  • I got the achievement with a mine. I had just placed some mines then drove off in bike. I'm guessing because I was on bike at time of kill it unlocked. Did it on Silk Road.
  • looking to boost china all china rising dlc, let me know if anyone wants to. GT: Headshotathon
  • Looking to get all China Rising DLC achievement. Gamertag is Povahz.
  • Looking to get all China Rising DLC achievement. Gamertag is Povahz.
  • This still hasn't unlocked for me. No matter how many people I've ran over.
  • am down for doing this achievement and others GT Knjazvovk
  • Willing to help with this achievement if someone is willing to help with another BF4 Achievement. XBONE GT: TheGrassyNull
  • Anyone trying to get the China Rising Achievements add me and send me a message stating u are achievement hunting, thanks

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