Mini Kamikaze Achievement

  • Mini Kamikaze



    Kill an enemy with the SUAV

    To unlock the SUAV you must complete the Safe Raiding assignment where you must reach rank 10 and get one bombing raid kill. The SUAV can be equipped as a gadget in your Recon class. Once you launch the SUAV, you will notice a battery icon with seven bars on the bottom right, the SUAV can only be flown for 60 seconds before it explodes. The SUAV also explodes on impact with anything and anyone.

    You need to try and kill an enemy with a direct hit by aiming and flying right into their stomach or back area for a kill. It is harder to hit a moving enemy therefore focusing on stationary enemies and especially snipers will make this easier. You can only carry one SUAV per life unless you find an ammo box in which case you're able to resupply your SUAV.

    Some players may prefer to use the SUAV in Conquest or Rush on bigger maps because of the larger space, control and freedom in flying around. Another approach is to play Domination on maps such as Paracel Storm, Golmud Railway & Rogue Transmission. These are all outdoor focused maps with several rooftop sniper opportunities and enemies will all be in close proximity of each other due to the limited space of the maps.

    The below video shows a player getting a kill with the SUAV.

  • It's much harder to get the SUAV than to actually kill someone with it, because atm you'll hardly get a chance to use the bomber to unlock it The SUAV-kill is best done on a small map (like TDM or domination). Just fly it to one of the camper spots (i.e. rooftops in Zavod)and roadkill someone.
  • I can definitely see myself doing this quite a bit...
  • Its really entertaining to kill people with, especially snipers that camp up on top of the buildings..
  • Apparently you can explode it and kill people by holding X to exit but it never works, best approach is to roadkill them but that is also pretty difficult too, unless you are on a large map and see someone sprinting in a straight line, then it isn't so bad. A pretty useless item otherwise.
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  • I make a roadkill with it but not popped up no assignement to :(
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  • I've killed many opponents by ramming them with it but it always just credited it as road kill. I think they may of patched that.
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