Death From Above Achievement

  • Death From Above



    Get a kill with the bomber

    To use the bomber, you need to enter the bomber station which is located at the C flag for each map, they are white stationary trailers. Only one player can use the station at a time, and once you enter the station you only have around 20 seconds before the bomber completes its run and you’re forced to exit the station until it reloads and the bomber returns which is 90 seconds.

    This is easiest done in Hardcore servers because getting kills with the bomber are almost always guaranteed as long as they’re targeted and hit remotely near enemies. When using the bomber, you can spot targets as you normally would with , and designate the targets for the bombs with . You can only designate 4 bombs per run, after which the bombs will automatically be released.

    Note: For some players, the achievement is reported to not unlock if killing enemies inside a vehicle. This may be a cross platform issue.

    The below video shows a player getting a kill with the bomber.

  • Best map to do this on is Guilin Peak, Hide at C on conquest and try to take the bomber. Mostly all of the enemy team thinks the same so just put your bombing run into the valley around C. I got this after a very painful 30 mins...
  • This achievement is a little harder on 360 as the player count is total wank. I managed to get it by spamming a flag being capped by a tank, otherwise it is pretty rare to even spot enemies while flying overhead. You don't get enough time or a decent angle in it to get more than 2 bombing runs off. Pretty much a waste of space in a 24 player server on smaller maps.
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  • I can't do this -.- so much people camping at it lol.
  • i killed a AA vehicule with someone in it and no achievement wow
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  • this is so hard, I cant find anyone to kill
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  • I can't seem to hit anyone with the bomber, it doesn't seem to matter what i try

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