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    Complete all China Rising Assignments

    There are a total of 10 assignments you must complete each with multiple requirements. You must be rank 10 before attempting any of the assignments except "I'm Dynamite" where you must be rank 20.

    You can check the progress of your assignments in game under the Soldier menu or online at

    Below are the descriptions and some general tips for each assignment.

    Note: All the assignments can be done on any map in the game and do not have to be completed on China Rising maps specifically, except for those that require vehicle specific maps.

    Bronze Assignments

    -Get a kill with the bombing raid

    (Unlocks SUAV)

    See "Death From Above" for more info on getting kills with the bomber.

    -Air Superiority ribbon x1
    -Jet Fighter ribbon x3

    (Unlocks UCAV)

    You must win a round of Air Superiority for the first ribbon. Jet Fighter requires 5 jet kills in a single round, you must earn this ribbon 3 times. If you're inexperienced in jets, or find that Air Superiority games are too short then this can be boosted with 4 players. Using a jet such as the F-35 or J-20 (found on Dragon Pass) you should carefully land it on the ground in front of your enemy boosting partners and take turns earning kills with the jet.

    -Assault Rifle ribbon x3
    -Get a kill with pistol in a round
    -Get a kill with 40mm grenade in a round
    -Get a kill with the defibrillator in a round

    (Unlocks L85A2)

    You must get 6 kills with Assault rifles in a single round for the ribbon. You will also have to earn this ribbon 3 times before attempting the second part of the assignment. Now you must earn a pistol kill, a grenade launcher kill & a defibrillator kill all in a single round (not life.) This should be done in Conquest or Capture the Flag for the maximum amount of time available for you. Quickly getting the pistol kill and a M320 grenade launcher kill out the way first is quite simple, then you should focus on the defibrillator kill specifically on unaware targets or snipers for an easy opportunity. You must charge the defibrillator for about 3 seconds for it to kill the enemy.

    -Destroy an air vehicle with portable AA
    -Anti-Vehicle ribbon x3

    (Unlocks MP7)

    The Stinger & Igla launchers within the Engineer class are both portable Anti Air launchers that can be used to take down aircraft. You can also use AA Tanks found in Dragon Pass & Altai Range. You must destroy two vehicles in a single round for the Anti-Vehicle ribbon, and you must earn this ribbon 3 times.

    -Get 1 Mortar kill
    -LMG ribbon x3

    (Unlocks RPK-74M)

    To unlock the M224 Mortar, you must earn 76,000 points in the Support class. Once unlocked, equip the gadget and simply earn 1 kill, preferable in Domination as there's a smaller area to get kills more easily with. You must get 6 kills with LMG's for the ribbon, and earn this ribbon 3 times.

    -Sniper Rifle ribbon x3
    -Get a kill with a shotgun in a round
    -Get a kill with a DMR in a round
    -Get a kill with C4 in a round

    (Unlocks L96A1)

    You must get 6 kills with Snipers in a single round for the ribbon. You will also have to earn this ribbon 3 times before attempting the second part of the assignment. Now you must earn a shotgun kill, a DMR kill & a C4 kill all in a single round (not life.) Getting the shotgun & DMR kill is simple enough. For an easy C4 kill, planting some at an MCOM in Rush or around a flag base in Conquest or Domination is good method for an easy kill.

    Silver Assignments

    -Get 15 kills with the bombing raid
    -Destroy an enemy bomber

    (Unlocks Cruise Missile)

    See "Death From Above" for more info on getting kills with the bomber. If you're still having trouble getting kills with the bomber, you can boost them by getting 4 players together and find an empty Conquest server for any of the China Rising maps in the server browse. Have all players on the opposing team stand together at one of the flag for the bomber. Destroying a bomber can be difficulty. You can either destroy it with a Jet if you're experienced in flying and have some upgrades unlocked. Using AA launchers such as the Stinger or Igla is another option, although they take around 4-5 shots to destroy the bomber whilst you will only have time to get 3 shots in if you're lucky. The easiest way to destroy a bomber is to use the Mobile AA tank, they are found on Dragon Pass & Altai Range.

    -Get a kill with a sniper rifle in a round
    -Get a kill with an assault rifle in a round
    -Get a kill with an LMG in a round
    -Get a kill with a hand grenade in a round

    (Unlocks MTAR-21)

    All you need to do for this assignment is earn a sniper, assault rifle, LMG & a grenade kill in a single round (not life.) The three weapon kills are simple enough, for the grenade kill you should play as a Support class and equip ammo boxes so you're able to resupply your grenades. Playing in Domination or Rush are good choices if you want the best chance of a quick grenade kill as you will often find many enemy players grouped around the objectives.

    -Bomber Delivery ribbon x3
    -Get 20 UCAV kills
    -Score a multikill!

    (Unlocks Airburst)

    You must be rank 20 to unlock this assignment. You must get 3 bomber kills in a single round for the Bomber Delivery ribbon, you must earn this ribbon 3 times. The kills do not have to be multikills. The UCAV is unlocked once completing the "EYES IN THE SKY" assignment. The UCAV is similar to the SUAV, except it self detonates 10 seconds after launching it, you can detonate it yourself once it's in the air at any time. You can kill enemies by either hitting them with the UCAV directly which will count as a roadkill or you can fly the UCAV into the ground near enemies leading to the splash damage often killing the enemies. You will need to get 20 total UCAV kills. A multikill in this game is the same as a double kill, unlike previous games where you would have to get 3 kills within a few seconds for a multikill bonus.

    Gold Assignments

    -Play 10 hours of China Rising
    -Get a kill streak of 5
    -Get a kill with SUAV

    You will need to play a total of 10 game time hours of the four maps across any of the game modes the maps are available to play on. Getting a kill streak of 5 isn't too difficult, getting into a tank with a friend is one of many methods. See "Mini Kamikaze" for more info on getting a kill with the SUAV.

    (Unlocks Middle King Dog Tag)

  • Unlocked after the first completed assignment for me ^^
  • Same here but I am not complaining. :)
  • This seems to be the trend. Also popped after the first one for myself and a friend.
  • I got it on the first one also
  • I just played a game of conquest and it popped halfway through I have no idea how I got ha ha
  • same thing, just popped after 1 assignment witch i am ok with because some of those were gona be BS like the one that does not tell you the requirements.
  • Strange, I have all of them done and haven't gotten it. :(
  • Nevermind, I see that a few are left over lol.
  • ive downloaded the china rising add on and the multiplayer update #3 but it wont bring up any of the game types and says i need to download update #3 to play...anyone knows what might be wrong
  • I think the glitch has been patched now :(
  • @ #10: Seems so. Yesterday someone asked me what assignement I did to get it. Turned out he did the same and the achievement didn't pop up. Guess I was lucky that I got it when it was still glitched. Doing all assignements is pretty hard. I've never been even close getting only one Jet Fighter Ribbon (too many AAs/Stingers and too small maps in Conquest and too short rounds in AS) or Bomber Delivery Ribbon (hardly get in the bomber as everyone tries) - And you need three of each, not to mention the 15 (+1) bomber kills. I guess even boosting wouldn't be that easy. Maybe at times people get bored of the bomber and the chances of using it increases; although I doubt it.
  • Damnit, missed out on an easy cheeve then. Most of them seem super easy, though anything to do with the bombing run can fuck right off. I cannot stand it when they put an achievement in and there is only space for one person to do it on a map at a time, it makes people just stand around waiting and not helping the team and it ruins the game. The bombing run sucks ass and is useless anyway.
  • Hey guys me and a friend are looking for help to do these DLC Achievements on the Xbox One. Both China Rising and Second Assault DLCs. We both got a refund on Premium so any time soon will no longer have the DLCs... Just need 2 more players and we can all take in turns getting each one. Easy enough. There are never any servers to find if we wanted to try legit either. Message me if interested thanks! My Gamertag is "NoizeJunky362"
  • Anyone looking to do these dlc assignments please invite me. I have a mic. GT:MuffinzOnline
  • @7 I was gonna say there is no way to finish them ALL yet. lol Air Superiority doesn't work... I blame EA for not letting DICE take their time and rushing them. Let DICE do what they do and make amazing war games.
  • I need help getting some bomber kills on xbox one. i'm looking for 3 people too boost those. after i got them i will return the favor and help each one of you out. GT: MantillaToni
  • msg/friend m if want do this with jus 4player need 3 more GT tweehaddock4749 on 360 I will help with other achievements if needed cuz I have all but this one also im a grate player as well by the way looking 4 a team 2start 2play daily with
  • Looking to do this add me GT: xZOMB1E KILL4x
  • Looking to boost Jet fighter ribbons. Need x3 of them. 5 jet kills = 1 ribbon and i need 3 ribbons. If someone can help ill help with those who need it. Add Poodle Cut on xbl. im on XBOX360. im online pretty much all the time.
  • Looking to boost jet kills and ucav kills, im online a lot of the time msg me if interested P1 Sephiroth, msg me on xbl if possible
  • Hey guys I got my achievement already but Imma' share some tips for you boosters out there to save time. -For jet ribbons, one person was alone on Chinese while the other three of us were on U.S. the person on the Chinese team landed a J-20 (has to be J-20 because you can't land the U.S. jet) and we just kept respawning in front of the jet while it fired at us for easy kills and we switched once we got our ribbons. -To take down bombers we found it easy to use the anti-air vehicles on the maps. -For easy UCAV kills, every that was gonna get killed stood near a wall or a rock and the person with the UCAV fired right in front of them to hit the top of the wall or rock so that way it'd explode and you wouldn't have to steer the damn thing. Hope these methods help you guys to make thin
  • Looking for help to boost on the Jet assignment (eyes in the sky) and the Bombing Raid assignment (mother of all bombs). THIS IS FOR XBOX ONE. These are the most frustrating assignments. Gamertag is: AlPhenomenal
  • i only need JET FIGHTER RIBBION 3x its very complicated cause all this noobs just get your kill assist an on very pissed off of this crap and its so fucking glitching anyone interested my Gamertag for XBOX360 is: WannaBeMasterJr
  • Hey willing to boosts for any of dlc or others in game. Msg me on Xbox One gt-Creeper8510
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  • If anyone wants to boost the jet fighter ribbons message me on xbox 360 @ "mtot96"
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  • Need some people to boost this with. GT: BrandonJ30
  • Willing to boost (xbox one) gt NYbonlink just send a message
  • Looking to boost on 360. Nobody ever seems to be on the servers. Gt:BrandonJ30
  • Can boost this two of us so far Xbox one xdX LeoN Xbx
  • Looking to boost Jet Ribbons and Bomber Ribbons on 360
  • GT: Timmo33 - Would help lol
  • I would like to help boost jet kills. Xbox one Gt BloodlyDeadFang
  • I would like help boosting for most of the CR assignments (Xbox One). GT: SupremeSlayer31
  • Need help boosting on the Xbox 360 add me or send a mg GT: MyMikeHangs
  • tips: you can do jet ribbons with attack jet ,it was easy for me not like the bomber ribbons
  • looking to boost china all china rising dlc, let me know if anyone wants to. GT: Headshotathon
  • Looking to get all dlc cheevos :) GT: ChRoNIc Tetanus
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  • Need Help On A few of these I will help back GT-DaRkRaIn PsYcHo
  • Forgot to mention I have 360
  • please send me a china rising code to my email [email protected]
  • I cant seem to get the make a dent one to unlock any ideas
  • Looking to boost the 'Jet Fighter' ribbbon (5 kills with a jet), and complete that China Rising Assignment to do it 3x. It's doing my tit in. Message me: CJReid94 (Xbox One)
  • Need this to boost for the Jet Fighter ribbons, my gamertag is A Lonely Eskimo, send me a msg
  • this is the last chevo I need msg/friend m if u want to boost this 1 ill help out with others if needed as well and im grate player at the game :)
  • Hey. I need boost jet fighter ribbons. Msg me: BladeRX9
  • anyone willing to boost the jet fighter ribbons GT: Admiral Kenobi
  • I'm on the xbox 360 and i need help with the bombing run ribbons and destroying an enemy bomber. I will help anyone with any of these things. My username is my gamertag.
  • On right now on the XB1 GT:Defecate
  • Can anyone help me with the fighter Ribbon one the rest I can do just suck with flying ... will help any and all GT is Hanjr23
  • on xbox 360
  • Need one more player on XB1 to boost cheevos
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  • I do not need the achievement anymore.
  • THE YAK MILKER Xbox 360 Need bombing run kills and jet ribbons, send me a message if you want to help and I'll help you in any way I can! I'm glad the other DLCs don't have achievements this difficult!
  • Looking to boost the bomber assignments. Xbox one only. Gt: N7 Geek Will help others as well. I'm on Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Sunday evenings.
  • Need 3 people gonna rent a server and do jet kills and other stuff
  • ^^^^^^^^ My gamer tag Xpro PT
  • All I need is two jet ribbons. The rest I can do on my own. I will help whomever if they help me. Thanks
  • I'm on Xbox One. GT: Metal DJ
  • I'm looking to boost all online achievements if you help me I wil help you, and with me it's easy because I got my own server. Add me on 360: Vice Dangerous
  • i need to get 3bomber run ribbon, ill help if i get help :P my Gt: mastersigve
  • I need to do jet fighter ribbons. I'll help with anything in exchange. stimshady2001
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  • need the fighter jet ones, GT is username
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  • Have a server to help other players to get 15 kill with jets, its a Air Superiority server max tickets search for "Eyes in the sky" if any one wants settings changed please message me on Xbox.
  • Anyone hit me up, looking to boost any and all assignments and to help anyone who need help with assignments/ Achievements. my GT is A Few Fishes and im on 360 Currently.
  • Looking to finish the final few assignments, for China Rising and Dragons Teeth, GT: bodybomb3
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  • Need help getting ucav
    GT: Wetow

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