Risky Business Achievement

  • Risky Business



    Kill an enemy flag carrier while carrying their flag in CTF

  • GT: I CONFINEMENT I Add me if you want to get this.
  • Need this and another one of the dlc acheiments on xbox one. If you need them too add me gt: Rockd HD
  • I need help on this one if somebody can hit me up.
  • I need help with this. And the Falling Down achievement as well. Just hit me up whenever you are ready. My Gamertag is Squire Maxson and I play on the 360.
  • Need this xZOMB1E KILL4x
  • Need help with this one, anybody interested in grouping up and nailing it? I'm on Xbox One GT: B1G D4DDY K
  • Looking for help with this one and others. I have a Mic and I'm on Xbox one. Girls421
  • Looking for help on 360....GT Knjazvovk
  • Looking for help please GT: SlyMeerkat
  • Add me GT: i j i m m i xpx For this and other chevoos you need help with
  • And since i'm in the retail list for xbox 360 games it's on xbox 360
  • I'm on 360 and want to get this cheevo. Add me! Gamertag: ProfWombRaider.
  • I'm looking to do Falling Down, Blind Bomber andvRisky Business on Xbox One. Help me and I'll help you. Thanks. GT: Metal DJ
  • I am on xbox one right now if anyone wants to boost this
  • Looking to get this on Xbox one. Add me.
  • GT: Superfan78
  • I'm looking to get all multiplayer cheevos on the One :) GT: ChRoNIc Tetanus
  • I need this achievement and a few other multiplayer ones. Message me on xbox TheGrassyNull
  • I still need this and some help on the New Superpowers achievement. Message me, Gt: bodybomb3
  • btw I'm only on 360
  • I'm looking to boost all online achievements if you help me I wil help you, and with me it's easy because I got my own server. Add me on 360: Vice Dangerous
  • Don't like boosting achievements but generally don't play CTF an the last achievement I need, so if anyone wants to help me get this GT xCRIMINALMINDSx
  • This is the only one I need on 360... GT: SimulatedSmile to get it done. I can help with others too.
  • Looking to boost this and all other dlc, just message me GT: Atomsk Rising
  • Looking to boost this and other DLC. GT: TheMilkman775
  • Looking to boost this and other DLC related assignments/achievements. Please message me so we could all get together Friday 7/25/14 roughly midnight or so to boost. Console: Xbox One GT: FoXtRoTcHaRl1e
  • Will be boosting this with a friend about 1 hour from when this is posted. plz message me if interested we need 2 more. GT: MuffinzOnline plz have mic
  • Looking to boost this on the 360. GT: Got to achieve
  • Need help on the X1. We can find an empty server. Need 3 more people. GT: HAHArun2y0mama
  • Looking to boost this and a few other achievements on 360, GT: Scobiwan31
  • Need this if anyone wants to try get it? Xbox one Tobi Lerone
  • Xbox one GT:CODMASTAH
  • looking to boost on Xbox one GT:FusingXx smd xx
  • Looking to boost gt urwor5tnytemare
  • STILL need this one
  • add me R1G Lord Chris if you wana get this shit done.
  • add me R1G Lord Chris if you wana get this shit done.
  • Add Texx117 for help with these dlc achievements i need some help myself
  • Lf people to boost dlc achievements gt: mike verkerk (Xboxone)
  • Looking for people to get some of the dlc achievements and assignments, message me gt: khagda

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